Why You Shouldn't Fuck With Scottish People

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  1. [​IMG]

    Just saying...
  2. Because it's too mean to mess with dyslexic english version of hicks?
  3. He kicked a burning terrorist? Thats just cruel!
  4. No, it would have been cruel if he put the fire out, then kicked the terrorist in the balls, then lit him back up again.
  5. If he wasn't drunk and/or stoned out his face at the time, he probably would have.
  6. That poooooooooor terrorist.
  7. Well....I don't know...the faint smell of sheep, the strong smell of alcohol, and the general lack of hygiene are all good enough reasons not to share a bed with them...


    Oh wait...you meant that differently?
  8. What if he put the terrorist out, nursed the terrorist back to health, raped the terrorist, lit him on fire, put him out, kicked him in the balls, lit him on fire again and shoved a grenade up his ass and then choked him to death?

    That way, it would fit both definitions.
  9. Hee~
  10. *Kicks Myrnodyn in the balls for being a literal bastard*
  11. I like this thread!
  12. I approve of grumpy's message.