Why You Like The Person Above You?

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  1. State while you like the person above you. :3
    Person 1: A/N​
    Person 2: Because he is cool.​
    Person 3: Because I like to like people.​

  2. I can see fun things happening in this topic. Therefore, my reason being is that she made this topic.
  3. @DiamondGhosts You like Anti-Heroes... right? XD I only assume because of your title lol
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  4. I usually like to play ranged characters, and the person above me's name has arrow in their name, so I like them as well.
  5. I love eating crab
  6. Sexy anime boy in that avatar! XD
  7. Their status quotes are awesome =D
  8. He has flippy hair.
  9. Batman is awesome!!
  10. 'Cause lust is healthy and wonderful, and bubbs in dat profile pic =w=
  11. Because blue hair be cool. Also roses.
  12. Because I like cute beds :D
  13. Edit: 'Cause a stylish robe is never wrong!
  14. i like granny smith apples
  15. Because batman.
  16. because this bishie sparkle has been passed down the armstrong line for generations!

  17. Because batman squared :D
  18. Because I like guys with one eye... gives me less to poke at when it starts wandering.
  19. the robe looks comfy
  20. Once again! BATMAN! Wooop
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.