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  1. YC is a rather... Interesting man.
    He is a man of 'refined' tastes.
    He is very careful of what he puts into his body, let's just say that.

    MC is a special homicide detective.
    He has this ability to empathize with serial killers.
    He is able to put himself in their shoes, which makes it easier for him how to determine their motives, what their thoughts are and their actions.
    He is one of a kind.

    Then bodies begin to turn up-- like they always do in MC's line of work.
    But this time it's different... Things are missing.
    Like people's organs.
    And MC comes to a very horrifying conclusion...
    Someone is eating them.

    YC is a prominent psychologist.
    One day MC stops by at YC's office. Because of his work, it often takes a toll on him mentally and physically... And this case is the worst.
    YC is very interested, not just about the case MC is involved in, but with MC. He enjoys MC's company... Finding that he has never been able to connect with anyone else before like he has with MC.
    He soon finds that he is inserting himself into the investigation, trying to help MC to catch the cannibal...
    But he already knows who the culprit is.

    Like it was said previously... YC is very careful of what he puts into his body.
    And it just so happens that he enjoys the taste of cooked human organs...
    Not to mention he finds MC... Absolutely delicious.
    Bon Appetite!



    1) So obviously this roleplay is definitely on the darker side. There will obviously be explicit sexual content, non-con will most likely happen. As well as cussing and violence/gore. Please tell me any triggers or no-go's you have!

    2) Our characters will be in their mid to late twenties to early to mid thirties.

    3) I'd like at least 2 paragraphs per reply. More is definitely encouraged and welcomed though! :) I love a descriptive rp who adds detail, even if it may not matter!

    4) Third person perspective only. First and second makes me uncomfortable in a rp setting. :P

    5) YC will obviously be an intelligent, and a manipulative person. He will also be pretty sadistic, though he is able to his this from people rather well. I'm also thinking he will be rather possessive and protective of MC.
    On the other hand, MC will be a bit anti-social. He doesn't like making eye contact much. He actually prefers animals to people, though he is incredibly good at his work. When he does open up to people(which is rare), it means that he trusts that person with his life and will be very loyal to them. If someone were to betray that trust even once, MC would be deeply offended and betrayed, going back into his shell.

    6) Realistic pictures only please. No anime.

    7) I am looking for a seme/dominant for this please! Perhaps later in the rp I could be persuaded to switch every once and awhile, it just depends on our characters relationship at the time really. ^.^

    8) I only rp in threads! No pm's or email! Post below or pm if interested please! I would love to rp this idea!

    **Yes, this is based on the tv show 'Hannibal'.**
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  2. Very awesome idea!
    I'd jump right on board if I had time - sadly, I don't.
    Best of luck to you though! I hope this gets the attention it deserves!
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  3. Awe, too bad! I'm delighted to hear that you like it though!
    If you happen to have more free time open up for you, feel free to shoot me a pm! :)
  4. I definitely will, should I find my plate lacking :D
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  5. Still looking! :)
  6. I'll def be reading this when you get it started. <3
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  7. Thanks! Unfortunately no one has pmed me yet, but hopefully soon! XD
  8. *Happy sigh*

    Hannibal!!!!! My all time favorite show. Ngh. I hope you find a partner, if not, I may have to swing back by.
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  9. Hannibal is great. XD I love Hannibal's and Will's relationship so much I die a little inside whenever I see the two together. cx I currently just started season two! :D

    Please do swing back if you can! I'd love to rp with you! :)
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  10. Oh man, s3 is gonna destroy you

    lmao. I may be able to RP, but I won't make any promises. <3
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  11. So I've heard. XD

    Alright! Hopefully you can, but I will complete understand if you aren't able to! c:
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  12. I would do it but....I don't think I play psychopaths/sociopaths very well lol
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  13. Hey, did you ever find a partner :)
    I'd love to try this out if you're still looking ^^
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  14. I have not yet, I'd love to rp with you! ^.^
  15. Fantastic :) PM me, yeah?
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  16. I thought I'd let you know, that your banner for this roleplay is so stretched that you can't read the text
  17. I'd love to do this, but I don't think I'd be dominant/sadistic enough to due this plot justice!
  18. If you are still open I would love to do an RP with this plot.
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