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  1. I admit to myself I can be kinda afraid of losing the characters that I love so much. That is what I wanted to share the most.

    Rl stuff: I mix up drinks for family. When my lady comes over we baby sit. I still have horrible dreams of highschool. And if anyone likes to share or respond I would love your questions or your responses.

    Alot of my characters travel a ton either on walkabouts or wander. someting i walked really bad to do.

    [Written on phone.]
  2. Welcome to Iwaku, Yellow! It's nice to know that you were writing on a phone! :D
  3. Yea, at least I can do this. o:

    i also call myself yellow out of respect for the character in RWBY.

    i would use a spoiler tag but havr no idea how.
  4. Welcome, Yellow! I hope you enjoy it here.
  5. Already am, love. ^^
  6. Hey there! Welcome to Iwaku, enjoy your stay. If you ever wanna Rp or be friends, let me know.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.