Why We're Attracted

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"There's a reason why we are attracted to certain people," says Michio Kaku. Evolution has slowed down, but it hasn't stopped.

Do keep in mind, evolutionary psychology talks more about what we are biologically attracted to. Socialization and cultural norms do exert a lot of influence also but that is a separate area of study. There are very few perfectly understood absolutes in science.
very interesting find leo-san. We looked a little into this in either my sociology or anthropology class in undergrad...can't remember which exactly...actually i think maybe it was my anthro class.

It is interesting what everyone considers attractive though. And culture does have some impact too I think because way back when a sign of good health was being well fed so if you were 'plump' that was a sign of beauty...obviously not so much now -__-
I actually looked into the whole 'plump' attractiveness a while back because I couldn't believe how radically our perception on feminine beauty had changed. If you're curious just do a Google search on 'beauty over the ages' or something along those lines. It really still amazes me how much of our culture affects how we look at people and what we consider to be attractive.
It makes me sad.
And screwed up in the brain/mind/heart/eyes.
I think there's a difference between aesthetics and 'instinctive' attraction. A lot of skinny girls look good in clothing (that was made to fit them, by being tailored to accentuate curves), but if you start taking them off, it's actually kind of disturbing. I'm willing to wager that men respond favourably to dressed up skinny girls and 'normal' naked girls.