Why Torsty hates Britain and Japan

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  1. For the moment, I have issue with the sheer size of this character
  2. Melissa curl up a little.
  3. When you say sack, you really mean rape. That's what vikings really do, to hell with all the loot.
  4. Hoooooly shiiiit.
  5. "Mm.." Melissa shakes her head gently.
  6. "Ready to go?"
  7. "Where's the Black Forest?"
  8. Lucius kissed her deeply as he helped guide her hips.
  9. "Some things are private."
  10. Lucius smiled assuringly before vanishing.
  11. abit confused why you put my sheet at the end of your post but I guess that just means I wont need to put it in mine
    anyway looks good will work on my post now
  12. I know you normally would put it in your post. But since this RP will hopefully be a bit long. I made my first post a sticky-post that will show up on every-page. So I put your sheet at the end so it be there for easy-access on every page.

    By the way you still want the Fire element? Or no? (Since you originally said that so your girl could be on the swim team still, but then I said she was actually suppose to leave it. As it was more for 'history' than something in the rp itself going on. Since the fire ability will let her turn back to human when needed quickly, but she would still be a mermaid in the water and so cant be seen by humans in the water still even with the fire power) The actual difference is rather you want to freeze things or burn things such as with fighting. On the show a example was someone freezing a boat engine for one of those net-things....to let an animal escape. A burn one would be like 'drying' each other out so they turn back to human or burning a pool of water so it vaporizes.
  13. Yeah, if you wanted the Mask to join in with the good guys he'd definitely be accepted so long as he doesn't go nuts on everyone!

    Welcome Steel!
  14. "Throwing up. Dizzy spells? Hunger?" Nora quiz.

    "Those are my mother's symptoms isn't it?" Anya whimper.

    Nora sigh, "You could be different. You are part angel."
  15. Melissa stare at him blankly.
  16. "Sure took awhile."
  17. "That's because Alexander's family uses protection. When was the last time you even recalibrate yours with Alex?" Nora ask suspiciously.

    Anya shrug, "Papa was away very long.."

    "Then it's not surprising it failed. You should've come to us for help." Nora sigh then smile sadly, "Alex will be unhappy to miss this. He always wanted grandchildren. God knows he has more than enough children, it's amazing he hasn't have a single grandchild but he is a living example of what not to do."
  18. "I don't hold one over the other. My point was that i'm awful."