Why the woods?

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This is my first time posting here so bear with me please
this is a magical rp with like energy balls and power lol i cant explain but hopefull you get the point and no modern weapons

Dead tree limbs broke and leaves rustled as they where disturbed by a unknown figure. It was the middle of the night in the dead of winter, who in the right mind would be out in the woods. The figure walked slowly once in awhile stepping into the moonlight but all that could be seen was her cloak that wrapped around her body and covered her head. Whoever it was dressed warmly for there was a chill in the air.

The figure stopped suddenly as if she sense something was wrong...her breath could be seen as it escaped her lips. she turned around as the moons light lit up her face but only enough to see her eyes, they where Blue or brown they where pink. She quickly dashed away as climbing into a nearby tree to see what had followed her
She was kitsune, a shapeshifter. Most often she travelled in her fox body. Her coat was silver and long with black accents on her front paws, her nose, the tip of her tail and the tips of her long ears. When she was in her human body she had long black hair and her fox ears were silver and always stuck out plainly. She was 5'5" tall in her human body and gracefully built. Her face was young looking without a trace of age, though age is an indeterminate thing among her race since they always retain their youthful appearance no matter how many centuries they have seen. Her eyes are the clearest crystal blue and have their own inner light that makes them glow on occasion. Her true name is something only she and her parents know, but she has a known name as well and it is Tarianna.

The little fox loved winter, the cold and the white snows suiting her better than any other season for her fox form. She loved to go out and just explore for the sheer fun of finding something new, something she hadn't ever seen before. She was on one such excursion when she discovered footsteps in the snow abruptly. She stopped in her tracks, her nose and whiskers twitching as she smelled the air around her, trying to pick up any scent that was there. She finally caught a brief aroma and dashed off in the direction it seemed to be going. Her silver fur blended well with the snows. As she ran over the snow her breath made little clouds in her wake. Soon the scent grew stronger and she knew that she was getting closer.

The scent grew very strong suddenly and she slowed her pace, looking around the ice and snow covered forest. She caught a quick glimpse of a dark figure standing out against their surroundings, then the figure disappeared just as suddenly. Tarianna sniffed around until she came up against a large aspen tree. The scent seemed to stop at the tree so she looked up. Among the tree's bare and iced over branches crouched the dark figure. Tarianna tilted her head to the side as she looked up at the figure, wondering what it was doing up the aspen.