Why the government forces us to type very long titles that you're forced to read and then end up....

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  2. I knew it.

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    I'll believe it when I see it.
  4. ;n;

    But I do exist! I know I do!
  5. I think you're really missing the bigger picture here. It's like you're looking at one Ant instead of the whole colony. How can you pour molten aluminum inside an ant hole and create art when you're only focus on one ant?

    Trick Question. I tricked you. You can't, dummy.

    The Dragons are a non issue, can't you see that Soros doesn't care if you know about the Dragons guarding all of his gold? It's a wild goose chase, except you won't be finding no golden egg. It's a mystery where the reveal is meaningless.

    The real mind opener is THIS IMAGE that shows an ancient god that the revolters worship to hope that he will grant their wildest dreams consisting of dominating the galaxy. They will do so in their new God's wrathful name, as long as he grants them their desires to crush their enemies. This is what the Bilderberg Nation truly fears. As the God of the Revolters is as ancient and powerful as their heathen God. And he is Hungry.

    Your small thinking mind is still computing things in terms of governments and conspiracy theories while the reality is that even if every single cockadoodle-doo theory was true, it wouldn't matter. For the real battle is cosmic in nature, where the evil-but enlightened-elite of the world wish to transcend as higher beings to take part in the universal culture war that will decide the fate of the very universe. Here is an illustration showing a metaphor for the conflict that shall be taking place in the near future.

    Of course, this all proves that Jews did 9/11

    EDIT: Also, quick question. Do you wear a Fedora? I'm doing a survey
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  6. No... but I want one to wear.

    Also, I see no proofs of dragons.
  7. lmao, im dead.
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