Why the Dinosaurs Could Have Had a Chance of Surviving the Asteroid Strike

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  1. I wish people would read this and understand why growing nothing but CORN might be a horrible thing. The potato famine in Ireland is also the perfect example of why biodiversity is super important. Sure, I'm talking about foods, but it really swells into all living creatures, co-dependency by nature, all that jazz.

    At any rate, It could be a number of things like Mold introduced to the atmosphere down to the common Flu that we have today that dwindled the flying dinos numbers. I am not too sure about a Jurassic park scenario, had the Dinos lived through till today. Awesome movie though. lol. Thanks for sharing that Hemings, Epic article.
  2. Pterosaurs were flying reptiles, not dinosaurs. There are flying dinos, though. We call 'em birds. ;)
  3. Did... Did the article just say that Dinosaurs were METEORPROOF? Holy crap.... HOLY CRAP...

    Just think about it... Angry that they killed her son, The Mother of the Asteroid from Armageddon comes to seek her revenge on Earth. Jeff Goldblum, in a reprisal role of both that Jeff Goldblumy guy from Jurassic park and Independence Day, is the only man who can save humanity. By hacking through the mainframe of Time itself, he must recruit the help of humanity's most unlikely saviors; THE DINOSAURS. COMING THIS SUMMER, RMGN2x2-2: ARMAGEDDON 2: ARMAIGUANODON
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  4. Robert T. Bakker's The Dinosaur Heresies was originally published in 1988. And he basically says the same thing.
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  5. Dinosaurs survived the Meteor HOLY CRAP. Why aren't there any Dino's here
  6. Actually most studies prove dinosaurs are still around. They just evolved into something else. Birds. :) I've watched at least three shows talking about this, which I think were shot in the past five years? Anyways I watch weird and interesting things on Netflix.
  7. They survived, so that we could cook them into chicken nuggets.
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  8. Let us gene therapy a chicken egg until I get my pet raptor plz
  9. Sure. But if it ends up eating you, then that's your own fault.
  10. I think it's purely because he wants to be famous all over the news xD ha ha

    Or he would be like . The first Human as an Pet for an raptor,obviously after he is eaten lol
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