Why Should Adults Have All the Steambox Fun?

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  1. Now, let me begin by saying that I do not think the minimum age should be altered. That's a stupid idea.

    What I do wish, however, is for a Steambox for the younger sex-crazed maniacs among us. Somewhere we can let off some steam (HAH). After all, we've got a separate Mature forum - can we not have a cbox as well?

    I understand that there may be complications - technical, legal, or otherwise. However, I believe that it could be a boon for the site.

    In the event of this not being possible, would a thread in the (T) mature section be acceptable? I understand that it is not very efficient or convenient, but it could act as a substitute.
  2. It can easily be done!

    But I post these questions, and any of our Mature[T] members should answer!

    Would it be used for ROLEPLAYING?

    Or would it be used for gratuitous flirting, hitting on people, and being sexual in potentially inappropriate cybersex ways?

    The Steambox tends to be used for the flirty cybersex stuff and not often enough the roleplaying. D: And where that's fine for adults who are legally responsible for themselves and [should] be old enough to know better, having teenage members with the potential to get roleplay mixed up with real feelings? Not so cool. Before we closed the Steambox as adults only, we already a couple instances of this. It was one of the many reasons we did the new system!

    Where I [personally] am cool with teenagers roleplaying mature content, I am not cool with gratuitous cybersex and I am really reluctant to make that easier for people to do. D: I would have to see the majority of our Mature[T] area filled with genuine roleplays and not just one liner sex, to feel like it would be used responsibly.
  3. [video=youtube;R3MwfdJmb1g]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3MwfdJmb1g[/video]

    I don't mean to sound rude, but that may be a little bit of a problem.
    I'm sure this idea is riddled with flaws, but how about a system where you have to be given permission, as opposed to just jumping in - like groups?
    Approved members would be people the ones approving would trust to keep it to RPing, thus thinning numbers to people who have shown that they can be roleplayers, instead of shag-happy lunatics hell-bent on rubbing their genatalia against anything that moves.
    Though me saying that is hypocritical, it's all I've got.
  4. But then we have to deal with that whole stigma of standards, potential elitism and popularity contests! The very pesky "you have to be good enough to use this section" and the "I don't know you, so you can't get in" is an asshole thing to do. Not to mention need people -for- the approval process.

    I would much rather have it open to everyone in Mature[T] and expect them to be responsible!

    So the trick IS: How can Mature[T] prove that they are in it for the roleplaying and not the booty calls.

    And I think that is easily done if 75% of RPs in Mature[T] were more than just one line sex scenes. >:]

    Which incidentally happens to be our goal for ALL Mature. 8D So if people want to rise to the challenge, it would be a nice reward.
  5. How about offering incentives for good work in the mature section?
    Like fancy fonts for your username or something.
    People are drawn to competitions - throw a prize into the mix, and you've got people tripping over themselves to squeeze every bit of creative work from their brains.
    I think.
  6. Isn't that a bit unfair to all the good regular RPers and their games?
  7. We are actually working on an award to go along with our new mission. >:] Not a competition, but rather an award for being a roleplay worth reading.

    We'd have a similar one for the other sections too. >>
  8. Then I look forward to seeing things develop.