Why Roleplay in PMs?

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  1. So a friend of mine and I were discussing this, and we were both wondering why some people insist on PM roleplays here when the forums accommodate 1x1's.

    So for those of you who do them, or have done them, why PM? Is it that you're not especially confident in your writing, do you think the story might get you in trouble with the mods, are you exploring a Libertine subject you don't want to be judged for, or is there another reason that we missed?
  2. Could be any number of reasons you listed. Most I knew of, they just wanted to cyber in the guise of RPing and preferred to get down and dirty where few could see it.
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  3. Lots of cybering/Libertine goes on in PMs.

    Also, people are shy about audiences and/or scared that their writing will be judged.

    They also don't want to be judged for writing about vaginers and penor.
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  4. Sometimes you want to play with friends and not have your other friends get pissed off at you because you're posting for someone else a lot, and not posting for them. .___.; I have seen this happen and have been fussed at for it before too. When I have done PM rps it's always to avoid someone fussing at me.

    I think another reason is easy access with all your roleplays in one spot instead of across the forum?
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  5. I only do PM RPs on another site, mostly because of how strict the rules for public roleplays can be there. Not even only sexual themes, but violence and some subject matter is also against the rules in public roleplaying on the site. Its just nicer to not have to worry about whether or not the roleplays are going against some unspoken rule that we could get in trouble for (the rules on the site I'm talking about aren't very clear and basically vary depending on which moderator you're talking to)
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  6. Sometimes it's easier to just use the conversation in which the plotting was discussed. When I RP in PMs it's simply because I'm feeling too lazy to make a thread.
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  7. In a place like this, the only reason I can think of for you to PM rp is if you're either 1) up to something sneaky, or 2) uncomfortable with having your rps out in the open. Both are equally valid, I guess.
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  8. I'm one of those people. Personally, I feel shy about my writing skills because I've seen people on here with 200% greater skills than I have, so it's sort of like performance anxiety but not in the anxious no pants dance way. It's like, this way only one person can see my poor writing rather than many - all looking at their screens while chuckling cruelly, probably swirling vintage wine in a crystal glass. In my imagination, you're all part of some kind of horrible country club. Another reason that kind of adds to that one is that it feels more personal, like this is a story just for my partner and I.

    On other sites, I have/do post in topics because the PM systems are terrible, but when I see guests and members viewing said topic, I get pretty worried. Sort of turn into Carrie.
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  9. Not uncomfortable or adverse to the idea of using a thread. Just find that using PMs are far easier to keep track of whereas I might click the alert and read a post but have to come back later and simply forget. Two weeks later I get an upset partner wondering why nothings come up.

    With PMs I can just open the convo tab and see who responded last and when!

    Also because phalluses and boobies need to be read about! Not kept secret!
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  10. I ran into some people who prefer over PM so they can have multiple rps of the same story, but with different players (at the same time, maybe). They have one or maybe two main characters they always play as and absolutely love. On another site, I came across a person who only roleplayed as one character and I expected that he/she was roleplaying the same plot with me and with other people at the same time. The person's replies to our roleplay always seemed off...as if the person tried one choice, didn't like it, and decided to try something else.

    I do agree that in thread is a bit hard to follow than PMs. Once you look over your alerts, they're gone. If in thread had a "mark as unread/read" option, following all your in thread roleplays would be so much easier. But, I have no clue if that's possible
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  11. Because roleplaying through my PMS is the safer alternative to punching walls

    . . .

    I read that wrong, didn't I?
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