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  1. Hello! I'm looking for partners.

    So here goes. I do like a bit of witty comedy, even in darker stories. I do like fantasy and such. I tend to shy away from slice of life or very realistic things. If you have an idea you can share it.

    It happens. I generally don't do a role play that is just romance.
    I play MxM or MxF in romance. I'll do FxF, but it has to be a really interesting plot. Most of the time, I will play male, however most of the characters below are female.
    I fade to black.

    Posting expectations
    After June I'll be more open and probably post a few times a day. Until then, once a day, maybe every other day. If you post every week or so, that's fine.
    Length, probably 1 to 3 paragraphs. In the beginning while world and character building, probably a little longer. I usually try to match my partner.
    For bios I usually just jolt down basic looks and a general personality. I grow the character from there. I have no problem with multiple characters.

    Things I don't do
    High school or teenage type stuff. There's a few exceptions, like Harry Potter.
    I don't mind gore or foul language when it's appropriate.
    Characters have sex, but I don't want to write about it.

    I usually don't know enough detail to feel comfortable with fandoms. My favorite characters are almost always minor ones.

    Harry Potter - Marauder era or Original characters.
    Bleach - Kyoraku and Ukitake are my favorites, I'll also do original characters. I've skipped the anime only arcs.


    Zoe - Modern/Fantasy/Supernatural
    Zoe is a very powerful sorceress/witch. She has so much power, she can't contain it. She has seals set on her, which often makes using magic difficult. She's fairly reckless often gets in trouble with Council for Magic Users. However, she is qualified to take on an apprentice, if one is willing to take her on.

    Tesaline (or Tes for short) - Scifi, possible romance
    Tes is incredible intelligent. She graduated at a young age and quickly landed a job on a spaceship to manage the computers and technology. She's also as short tempered as she is smart. Without tact, she lost her job. Someone that intelligent is hard to find and so she works as a janitor, quietly fixing malfunctions between unclogging toilets. Suggested character: fresh out of the academy, the only person to beat her records and they're hired to take her old job.

    Werewolf lady (She's an old character, one that's been around for a while. I've used in a quite a few roleplays back in the day. I need to update her name. I could also gender bend this one.) Modern/ fantasy/possible romance
    Sarcastic and quick to anger, perhaps she hiding something? Once a month she's a little beat up and there's always a lame excuse to follow. She pushes people away with a bristly personality, but there's a hint of sadness in those golden eyes.

    Leo - Pirate or gypsy/romance
    He's smug and knows what he wants. He has no problem stealing, but he's not too keen on killing. Somewhere underneath his brutish manliness, under his dark wavy hair, under his furry chest, he's a good man. Deep, deep down. He's not proper or well mannered and he wouldn't know what to do with a lady if she told him.
    Suggested plot: Your character is the bastard child of a king and a gypsy. Leo is hired to take her to the kingdom, which is also in turmoil and collect the loot, but falls in love along the way. Save a kingdom or get the girl? it doesn't seem like he can do both....

    Faelos Songspell - fantasy/romance
    He is often quiet, even a little shy. He doesn't hold the grace or splendor of an elf, more of a stretched out, pointy eared awkward young man. However, Faelos is an elf and fully grown, though still young. The only magic he possess is with his ability to sing and play instruments. His voice can calm beasts, his lute is said to heal wounds.

    Do you have an idea or a character you're itching to play? I'm open. Usually I try to make a character that compliments my partners. (if they're outgoing, I'm introverted or something)
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  2. Hi there! I'm interested in the pirate x gypsy pairing. Would you be playing as the male or female character?
  3. Leo is my character, he can be either a pirate or a gypsy.
  4. Sorry for misunderstanding~ I'd like to do that Roleplay with you if it's alright?
  5. Yeah. I'll PM you, we'll talk about details.
  6. Tootledoooo, are you still looking?
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