Why not Love Them?

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  1. I was wondering, how come they are People in this entire World ( on This Planet). Who don't LOVE SWEETS ?>:)

    I mean, seriously... How can you not love them? They will Always be there for you when you Need them and try to make you happy. Better than Best fiends sometimes.~

    So, DO You Like/Love Sweets or not? ^^



  2. because they arent as filling as meat


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  3. If you don't enjoy these there must be something wrong with you.

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  4. Shuuuut up!!@.@

    Meat is meat.... But sweets ? C'mon! You know they say the chocolate releases something that gives you the all Happy- High kind of feeling xD

    I mean for me it works all the time ..~ it makes me happy.
  5. i like sweets pre-coitus? does that count?

    otherwise, meeeeeeeeraaaaaaaaats.

    oh and cheesecake any time of the day. that shits awesome.

  6. Acceptable xD. Lol

    And yes , cheese cake is my fav to. Especially Oreo biscuit one <3 or the berry flavoured one !@,@
  7. Given my username, it's rather ironic that I don't have much of a sweet tooth. Sour and tangy candies like Skittles and whatnot I love to death, but I don't really consider them sweets because they're not, well, sweet. When it comes to stuff like chocolate or ice cream (unless it's rainbow sherbert) I can't handle for it for more that a few bites before I start to get sick, and I don't mean sick of it, either, I mean actually sick to my stomach. I'm sorry guys, it's not that I don't like them or anything, it's just that my stomach wasn't built to handle so much sweetness at once.
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  8. i bet it can handle meeeeeaaaats
  9. Most people enjoy sweets, but some simply prefer more savoury flavours. Most believe your dietary tastes are shaped by what your parents fed you growing up, what was presented to you as nice and what was not, and general associations of the kind.

    In a mature mind, it's also a matter of priority: in other words, pleasure vs health. My sister loves sweets as much as I do, but she also loves being physically fit and healthy, and values that more than the pleasure she gets from eating sweets.

    Personally I like them, but I try to eat them in moderation, and I dislike SUPER sugary items, because they give me headaches and toothaches.
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  10. I am not a big fan of sweets or pastries. Tend to be rather bland. I prefer fruit if I want something candy-like.
  11. You PEOPLE ARE WEIRD !!@.@

    Joking though., I live my sweets as my dentist told me once I so have a Sweet tooth. But then again, sometimes I don't want to eat sweets and I prefer salty stuff ^^

    The thing is, some people in this world actually don't eat sweets at all.. Are they allergic or something ?
  12. It's mostly just personal preference, mate, some people don't like the taste.
    As I said, sweets don't sit well with my stomach, so that's why I don't eat them too often, it could be a similar situation with others as well.

    There's also a matter of people who just want to be healthy avoid eating sugary snacks; it's understandable, really.
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  13. I know xD. But obviously Some people don't get the Sarcasm these days by the way I write lol

    I know that everyone has a different taste.:3 it's understandable totally.

    Also, I am a Girl, so no " mate" type of words .. @,@

    Still, sweets are awesome !>:)
  14. I'm guessing Hatsune is Australian, where 'mate is just what you call your friend, regardless of their gender. 'Mate' literally means 'friend/partner/colleague', so it's never been a gendered expression
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  15. Thanks for the clearing up xD ha ha
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  16. And now...I'm HUNGRY again...thanks alot >.>
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  17. Sorry PureKor, 'Tis hard to catch sarcasm when it's through text.
    It's also used quite often in Britain and some other places in Europe.

    In actuality I'm an American, but I've been around so many British people in my lifetime that I've simply just adopted their way of speaking. I'd rather be British than American anyways.
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  18. Of course xD that is why I am saying It llol

    Because I live in Britain ha ha xD.
    I got used up myself :3 so I understand xD
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  19. Just for you, @PureKor, my wife and I made muffins.

    And I ate them.

    And they were awesome.
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  20. I am guessing more your wife than yourself lol. But I'll take it !@.@
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