Why is your Utopia a Dystopia?

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  1. I thought it would be fun for everyone to imagine correcting everything that's going wrong in the world. Imagine your own Utopia...
    And then see why your "corrections" might cause problems. How would your Dystopia be brought down?

    My Utopia:
    • Homosexuality isn't a 'thing' anymore. The human race is no longer threatening to go extinct... or crazy.
    • You don't get looked down on for your gender 'cause it's what you were born with. There IS NO changing it, or denying it.
    • People shut up about races. No one even knows that 'race' is a thing. "Black" people are just really good at getting tans, as far as anyone knows.
    • What are drugs, outside of legal medicinal practices?
    • What is alcohol, "?
    • What is gambling?
      What is tobacco?
    • What is tea? Coffee?
    • Why can't education be up to the one learning more, and up to the government less?

    The Dystopian Possibilities:
    • Turns out that someone who became a transsexual in the pre-utopian era ends up having a kid/grandkid that's "born" gay. The whole world goes back to its nonsense.
    • Cross-dressing becomes the new trend. Gender roles are re-established, and destructive.
    • We forget that "black" and "white" people have ancestry that leads them to be more or less prone to certain diseases, and one 'race' or another gets wiped out.
    • Some doctor goes whack.
    • Some poor kid/grandkid/whatever of a drug lord realizes that they were born addicted to alcohol. The world is thrust into a frenzy.
    • Some descendant of a Brit (love those people!) realizes that they were born addicted to tea.
    • Some control freak manages to sneak into the government and overthrows any freedom we have.
  2. Nope.

    Can't even think of a clever or witty response to go along with this. It's just not there.
  3. It isn't.
  4. Congrats, you turned a potentially fun idea into something oozing thinly veiled homophobia and racism. Good job!
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  5. No seriously though, I mean, I guess I can biology 101. Gay people can still babby. Artificially, even. Push comes to shove, if artificial insemination somehow didn't work, gay people can still babby the old fashioned way, albeit it would be socially awkward.

    So... Extinction isn't really a risk.

    Also, the vast majority of homosexuals do not show any sort of violent or antisocial behaviour. So... Crazy isn't a thing either.

    In fact, I'll just go ahead and warn you that Iwaku has LGBT tags all over the place. There's more rainbows here than at a fucking care bear convention. So... Yeah. Don't expect this view to ever be popular. :ferret:
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  6. You picked the wrong community to try and get people behind you on the homophobia and racism, hon.

    In fact I'd hazard a guess that straight, christian, anti-gay, anti-drugs, anti-alcohol, anti-sex white folk are the minority on this site (IIRC the last religion poll confirmed at least the 'christian minority' part of that statement; Iwakuans are mostly agnostic/athesit!)

    And yeah, there's enough rainbows on this site to give that double rainbow guy a heart attack. We love our yaoi and yuri romances, we love our gay/lesbian/bi/questioning members, and we love our trans members too. We love everybody! I'd say we love humans, but we have a few members who identify as ferret or turtle or space squid, and I'd like to be inclusive.

    The only people I would say we don't really love that much are people who spread hate :(

    Soooo yeah.

    My suggestion for you is to get to know some of the people on the site, and don't be surprised when you encounter a gay, trans, atheist, pot-smoking, alcohol-drinking, premarital sex-having person who is actually pretty cool and fun and talented and kind and doesn't hate anybody and is not in fact the spawn of satan himself. The world is so much more than Good/Evil, you should explore it!
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  7. I do think this would make a good post in the Unpopular Opinions thread.
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  8. My utopia would be to transform the entire world into a 2D paradise, where there is nobody but me and cute anime girls. Because 3D girls are gross: they sweat, have a scent that isn't instantly arousing, they have to shower for reasons other then teh lewds and worst of all, they have to pee and poop. 2D waifus will never have to go to the bathroom. Unless you're into that sorta thing.

    For all the males who are not husbando status (Protip: none of you are, only Guts-kun will ever be my husbando). I will eliminate all potential competition by subjecting all men to watch Boku no Pico for at least 6 hours a day or more if deemed necessary in order to....alter their sexual preferences so that they don't come after my waifus.

    Downside: None. I see nothing wrong with this.
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  9. [​IMG]

    You are not making me watch that shit. Not again.
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  10. [​IMG]
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  11. So, as objectionable as the OP's idea of a utopia is, they weren't trying to like push their ideals on others. They just stated what they thought would be good (AKA their opinion), and this happens to be a discussion thread, so debating their preferences is kind of awkward. Also, being welcoming and inclusive ought to include those who hold differing, even diametrically opposed, views to your own. The dog piling should stop, they're well aware by now that people disliked their utopia idea.

    Anyway, on the actual thread topic, my utopia would be a world with no organized religion and no stupid people. The problems would be people getting obsessed and violent about non-religious things and severe lack of population.
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  12. Hoo boy, this ought to be good.
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  13. My utopia has mechs in it. Playing basketball.

    Basquatch and Drugs. For everyone.
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  14. My utopia will be that everyone must watch cartoons about bears and gems. There isn't a downside to this at all.
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  15. Yuri everywhere, and science improves to allow FxF children.

    Downside, the technology is inevitably hoarded by an elite and powerful group who decides who can reproduce for what price.

    So worth.
  16. Are they dressed in all leather, and do a resistance of lesbian 20 somethings rise to fight them?
  17. My Utopia would a place where scientists have invented a device that can alter the thoughts and personality of any human being, and they use it to completely rid the world of war, greed, inequality, crime, and hate.

    The downside is that the machine can't be used on people with mental disorders and it has awful side effects on those who don't. Overtime these side effects grow and become largely fatal, killing off nearly all of humanity; except for mentally disabled people, like myself.

    I feel like that would make for a good story, actually...
  18. My utopia is where someone makes a machine that can turn all my kid's dirty diapers into something else. Like resources, tools, or a shit load of pot.

    Downside? None.
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  19. Lol, a shit load...
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  20. My Utopia involves everyone owning ferrets instead of cats and dogs.

    No downsides, aside from the smell.
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