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  1. So, I'm skimming over my Facebook feed when I see this pop up....

    Justin Bieber Joins The Coloring Book Craze With An "Adult" Coloring Book

    Granted, it's not on an actual news site, but I mean...really? Why?!?! Who the hell cares? Why is big enough that it requires someone to waste five minutes of their times making a story about it?

    Anyone else see or read something so dumb you had to wonder why someone felt the need to broadcast it?
  2. Considering a number of 'news sites' are just taking youtube video's and posting the equivalent of a YouTube comment as the article?
    I'm not surprised by any 'news' any more.
  3. Eh. It is a celebrity -- which makes it a lot more newsworthy than just any person getting an adult coloring book -- and the very concept of "adult coloring books" can be sort of novel to people who haven't heard of it or who don't know much about it.

    I can see something like this being called newsworthy on a slow news day. *shrug* You gotta meet your quota of news stories somehow, you know?

    At least it's something... harmless, at the very least. I'd rather see this in the news than a clickbait-y headline claiming that dairy supposedly causes autism or that Donald Trump is secretly Canadian. And at least they aren't getting stories from parody news sites or other questionable sources without fact-checking to see if any of it is legit.

    The news has the potential to be far, far worse. :P I really don't mind seeing stories about Bieber's coloring books, all things considered. XD
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  4. Considering I read a story about a man who raped and killed a kids' therapy dog yesterday, I'd rather hear about Justin Bieber doing just about anything. But still, I just don't understand why people would waste their time on trivial things like that, when there's tons of light-hearted stories that they could post about that actually have some meaning. Do a story on someone pulling a kitten out of a tree, or saving a dog from being hit by a car. I'd much rather hear about that.
  5. This is what I am thinking every time I accidentally see a tabloid magazine while waiting to pay for my groceries.
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  6. Because people like it?

    Just because you don't like something doesn't mean it's not a viable or acceptable thing to like. I don't like Bieber or a great many things that are popular, but I don't judge people for liking those things.

    A great magical phrase when encountering things you dislike; it's not for you, it's for them.
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  7. It's not a matter of liking it, it's trying to figure out why? Celebrities post all the stuff on Instagram and Twitter anyway. Why do we need it spread through other media sources?

    I just don't understand pointless stories. Sure, I read them from time to time, usually when it involves animals, or some weird crime like the woman who stabbed her husband with a squirrel, but at least it's reporting a crime. He was coloring.....big deal. My two year old niece colors all the time. >_> Are they suggesting that he has the mentality of a two year old? That I can believe.
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  8. Ever notice how by the cash register in the grocery store there's like 5 competing celebrity gossip mags while most other magazine publications are closing down from lack of sales?

    It's the same reason about half the "news" stories you see are more celebrity gossip. It sells, generates attention, and way more than anything else. People, and society in general, idolize celebrities, and it's been that way from the earliest story tellers around a camp fire to Japanese play actors to classical European composures to today's movie stars. Humans just respond to celebrity. The gossip rags and columns are just an extension of that; it's drama for our entertainment, as if the celebrity themselves are just characters instead of people.

    I've noticed you are a big Ryan Reynolds fan, and ideolize him enough that you'd sleep with him. While I agree he's a damn fine looking man, do you ever wonder about him, as a person? The life he led when he wasn't famous, or do you just focus on him as a hot actor? It's totally cool either way, we all do it with somebody (hey there, Eva Greene!), my point is pretty much if you've ever clicked on a link related to Ryan Reynolds (maybe a collection of 25 hottest of Ryan Reynolds, perhaps?), congratulations! You just sunk another quarter out of millions in the Celebrity Gossip Arcade Machine.

    It's not just hot pictures, no ma'am, it's also how Kim Kardashian can't keep her man! Why not read about it to feel vindicated that that talentless wench is rich and famous when more deserving people aren't? Not your taste? How a about this adorable article about Jessica Alba's babies! Who could hate that? Man, isn't Tom Cruisr crazy? Here's some pictures that'll make you cringe!

    And on and on it goes, where it stops... it fucking won't.

    As for why it's news for one of the biggest pop stars to be releasing a series of colouring books? Because it's exactly like all those make up ads you see with beautiful, hit celebrities that have nothing to do with their careers. It's simply marketing a product that is related to a famous face, and something like a colouring book is so off the usual merchandise path, it's apparently something that they thought somebody would be interested enough to read about.

    Judging by the fact this thread exists, you did, and presumably thousands more who similarly said, "fuck, why? Look at this garbage."

    More quarters into the machine. People are looking.

    And just maybe one person you showed this to who might not have seen it just became a new customer.

    More quarters.
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  9. Because people like to be told bullshit in place of uncomfortable truths.

    Like beheadings, bombings, diseases, etc.
  10. Not particularly. :P He's eye candy, but I'm smart enough to know that A.) I wouldn't stand a chance, and B.) He's going to show the world the face he thinks people want to see, whether it's through movies, interviews, or other media venues.

    To me, it just seems like the news is just one big celebrity circus with a few serious stories scattered around. But, I know hat not everyone wants to read about what's going on in the world when all that we hear is shit, shit, and another heaping pile of shit. I mean, I get that people are into gossip, and there's always going to be someone out there who obsesses with celebrity lives, but make it available to those people, don't splatter it all over where no one wants it. Yes, for some people it may be trending, but I am not one of those people. I avoid Twitter like the plague unless it's to get info about what's going on with the filming of a movie, or the King decides to throw out 140 characters. I just don't see a point in forcing some poor journalist who probably had hopes of writing stories about things that actually impact the world, to write about Justin Beiber and his coloring habits.

    But, the discussion is more about the stories themselves, to be honest. I'm just curious how many people have seen a headline and thought 'Wtf? Why is this in the news?'

    SC woman charged with stabbing husband with a ceramic squirrel

    Like that story! Most headlines posted 'Woman stabs husband with squirrel' leaving out the ceramic part to get people to read it. I read it just because it's one of those stupid crime stories that always give me a chuckle. Was it news worthy? Not really, because couples do stupid shit all the time and it doesn't get put on the news.

    I lived in Florida for 7 years, and every day there was some pointless story. Hell, I don't even live there any more and there's still a stupid story coming out of that state that probably doesn't really need a headline.
  11. It's true. I stopped reading the news or watching since all it would do was either piss me off or make me depressed.

    I am definitely one of those people who says "Why the heck is this news??", heck I even said that just today XD. But I guess I can understand reasons behind it. And celebrity gossip in particular tends to make me grateful... that I'm just a name on the internet and not at all famous in the least. o.o
  12. A large portion of stuff reported nowadays isn't news. It's just something to take up space between advertisements.
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  13. News Values:

    Proximity: eh
    Emotional proximity: yes, for coloureres and beliebers
    Impact: eh
    Celebrity: check!
    Novelty: -ish
    Conflict: there are opposing sides to a grownup colouring, so yes.

    Even though it's not serious news (no impact), this checks enough boxes that they can be reasonably sure people want to see it.

    And, well, with the majority, they're right.
  14. Meh, I guess I'm just old and used to having stories that actually held some value. I miss those days. :(
  15. Oh, don't get me wrong, I hate the celebrity and Twitter trash too, I am fully on board with that lol. One of the best features Facebook came up with was being able to block apps and profiles you don't like, and while I wish everywhere had the option of filtering out entertainment trash (like I give a fuck who's dating who), it's just something I think we all have to live with, which blows, but such is life.

    I just wanted to illuminate why something like Colour With the Biebs is news, and why it exists in the first place. We're kind of in the minority, way more people dig that shit, so as long as enough people want it, it's here to stay.

    But like I said, just remember to tell yourself it's not for you, it's for someone else and it honestly helps whenever you see shit you don't like. I used to be way more irritated about things until I started really asking myself why.

    As for squirrel lady, won't lie, that's impressive lol.
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  16. People don't want that anymore. People don't want the truth if it hurts or upsets them.

    You're living in the "feels are realz" generation. Get used to seeing this stuff. It's not going away anytime soon.
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  17. The truth is better than trash, at least in my opinion.

    People need to get with the program. The world is a fucking scary place, and it's not going to get better no matter how many 'Justin Beiber colors like a toddler' stories are out there. Do I like the fact that the serious news is nothing but government corruption, hatred, and crime? Not at all, but at least I know what's going on in the world around me and can prepare my kids to deal with the crap that's going to slap them in the face when they're old enough to live on their own.

    I'd rather know that North Korea is telling the world they're getting ready for long range missile testing than hear another celebrity is getting divorced or is knocked up. But, that's just me. I'm old, like I said. Now let me grab my walker and hobble away for some prune juice and Sanka and leave you kids to your Beaver....I mean Beiber. :P
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  18. I am posting from my phone while taking a dump

    This is news
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  19. In all honesty I get all of my news online, partly because I hate the way media tries to milk drama and sabotage people's lives for views.

    Specifically through shows like Bill Maher, John Oliver, Stephen Colbert and Phillip DeFranco.
    And between the four they tend to have a nice balance of serious content and silly/for fun content.
    Is some of it still drama? Yea, but it's usually done in comedic jest so people know not to take it seriously, or it's accompanied with rational commentary and isn't... well:

  20. *thumbs up*
    Pretty much the only news I watch.
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