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Do you like snow?

  1. No.

  2. No.

  3. No.

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  1. IMG_2177.jpg

    I suppose a better question would be: why did we have school today??? :'(

    Is it snowing anywhere else besides Nebraska?
  2. It's foggy and hailing over here in Iowa. No snow though, that stopped last night. :P
  3. Because we live in a temperate climate zone and right now it is the cool season.
  4. The sun is reaching a very dormant solar maximum right now, which is the ending of an 11 years cycle of the sun. This year it has caused whats called a Polar vortex, Which is a Gargantuan Icy Hurricane that originate on the poles of earth. The Polar vortex we are experiencing is making for a very cold winter that has happened to us before but that is what the research is telling me.

    Many places are getting snow that have never had snow, and other places are getting flash frozen where their livestock just freezes where they stand. another strange thing is these sounds people are reporting, something of a frost quake, they say, the ground absorbs all that water and then when water freezes it expands and that can generate a lot of noise in the earth. This is effecting mostly northern areas.

    some interesting stuff I wonder if this makes for a tame summer ?
  5. There was some snow up in Georgia and even my friend up in Pensacola got some, but, of course, places lower than that didn't D:
  6. PPFFFFFTTT!! :rotfl:
    You're damn skippy you have school! That's barely a few centimetres; call me when you literally have to dugout your car cause it's halfway up the doors

    Sorry, Canadian.

    I'm 23 and this year I had my very first thing canceled on account of snow. Cops were advising no travel unless absolutely necessary, buses were unable to make it up steep hills, they were issuing large fines for people driving without proper winter tires, it was a huge mess out there. I forget the exact number of centimeters but I know it was up to my knees; it took the city three days to plow all the roads sufficiently for travel to be safe again. I was still surprised that work was canceled; I had plans to walk
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  7. Snow's heading my way too. Apparently 5-10" is headed my way? Ugh. Seriously. Booooo.
  8. My answer is not listed.

    I fucking LOVE snow. :P

    Sadly, here in the Southeast, we're just expecting rain or storms.
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  9. I'm like Minibit, living in Canada where snow is dealt with on a yearly basis.

    Here in the parries, Alberta to be exact, we've had schools and roads shut down by snow before, but normally this is because of low visibility. My school was only closed due to the cold once, and that was when the temperature had dropped to -50*C with windchill. (Apparently that's -58*F?)
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  10. And I'm just sitting here, having escaped the snow and it's now actually a nice 60F outside. HAHAHAHA.
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  11. I used to love snow until I got a car. Now I have to wake up early and clean off the car. It's still beautiful though
    ...until it starts to warm up and all the pretty white snow melts into dirty grey slush.

    It's also hell to drive in the stuff. They don't salt the roads in my town.

    We got lucky today. It's gonna be 60+ for a couple of days and then it's gonna go right back to being balls cold.
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  12. I think you must've had a typo or something when putting this poll up. I love snow. I will go 60 on slushy highways and take sharp turns on ice at 45. I have a '96 Jeep Grand Cherokee with four-wheel drive and brand-spankin' new tires. Come at me winter. I loved snow as a kid, and I'll be damned if I'm going to let age change that.
  13. I LOVE SNOW~!

    I love winter! I want snow foreeeeeveeeer!

    I hate summer. >:[ It's hot and icky.
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  14. hahaha it was like 9:30 in the morning when I took that picture. It kept on snowing like that for about six hours and then it was 40 degrees F outside. I was so confused. We had a huge snow drift in front of our main entrance at school and everyone was like what. IT was actually really funny XD
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  15. holy crap o.o school gets canceled here when it reaches about -30*F. Apparently the school district had been sued before because one child got frostbite while waiting for the bus.
  16. I don't like summer or winter. At least not where I'm located. Nebraska is extremely bipolar, with drought-type summers then awful winters. Once it took us like four days to remove the snow from our driveway, and by us I mean me with a shovel, my step mother with a shovel and my father with a snow plow.
  17. You are so luckyyyyy >.<
  18. But... Snow is awesome. If anything we need more of it
  19. Pff, we call that a dusting of snow here in Skyrim Alberta. I think we've had roughly 5 feet total of snow so far this winter! I say 'so far' because it's still snowing here, and probably will continue to until April or May...

    Now, we've had a few warm days above zero, because our climate can never make up its goddamn mind, so some of that has melted away... but throughout my school years we never once had a snow day. Not if there was 2 feet of snow on the ground, not if it was -40. Albertan kids are expected to suck it up, pull on those snow suits and balaclavas, and trudge through the blizzard to school.

    That being said, I HATE SNOW. Hate it. I want to move out of here ASAP. :( This province is the worst.
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  20. I want to move to Canadia now. You make me jealous
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