Why is childish behavior such a bad thing?

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  1. As we get older we are told certain things we like and do are wrong because it is childish.. Like Isabellas still like pokemon cards and making icestorms even at 25.. and you all like to role play.. pretending is considered childish too. Some of us still watch cartoons. Why is this wrong for adults to want to have fun and play?

    This is a time we can chat about all the childish things we like to do and complain about why it is considered wrong for us to be childish.
  2. Individual insecurity concerning sufficient success and adultness may be one part of the problem.

    But there are times to be pragmatic, and times to play.

    Play preserves sanity sometimes.
    Coloring is good for your brain.

    Also, I still have this awesome foil first edition charzard :o
    O.o all my old CCG's become bookmarks- only I can't find my mtg mana cards anymore... I always loved the mtg art.
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  3. I see so many people at work getting mad because someone drew a funny face on a random piece of paper that will get throw away any ways.. Why do most adults hate all fun and humor!? Being an adult does not mean you have to stop being happy!
  4. I see nothing wrong with keeping a sort of childish wonder and zest for life throughout your days. It keeps your mind fresh and actually helps you learn new things.

    However, behaving infantile (especially if it's deliberate) is just stupid.

    People tend to mistake one for the other.
  5. That.

    Plus there's certain things kids do because they don't know any better, which is where I think 'childish behaviour' likely started at, and that when you get older you're supposed to have learned not to do them. I can't think of them right now but I know them when I see them. You get a sorta free pass when you're a kid cause you're still learning.

    What really gets me is that they start this on you when you're STILL a kid and try to take your childhood away.
  6. Much older people keep asking me when I'm going to stop playing video games. I think that's a stupid question in this day and age though.

    I still build stuff with legos. The "Technic" sets (the old name for the Bionicle sets, since I have stuff from before Bionicle) are especially great because of the moving parts.

    Occasionally, I mess around with my Knex. I plan on building a rack for my gaming systems with them soon like one of my friends did.

    But my friend is the epitome of why we should be allowed to play with Knex at ANY age. Here's his works:

    Epic semi-auto gun that fires rubber bands. Yes, it's a semi-auto.

    Remember the OG Tetris game?

    And those are NOTHING compared to this:
  7. I miss my knex and legos.. Had to leave them behind when the Motherland fell!
  8. ....I'm supposed to be grown up and mature? Oh wait, my sig says it best.
  9. I'm totally childish/immature. I'm hyper, perky spunky and a lot of the time I get looked at funny because of it a lot. Just because I'm chipper doesn't mean I'm any less mature then others, just means I'm happy.

    Since when does adult = depressed and chipper = immature anyways?
  10. Maybe because I'm a geek, but I don't see playing video games or building things with Legos to be childish. Childish behavior is when you're being selfish and neglecting your responsibilities for fun. Now if you're constantly playing WoW and your raid party is ten years younger then you and you don't have any good relationships with people your own age I can see how others would see your hobbies as childish as it appears, and I say appears, that it's interfering with normal healthy interactions.

    So in closing, a healthy balance of work and play is good for all and just smile at the cranky pants the next time they call your hobbies childish. You may also ask them when was the last time they had any fun.
  11. Because there are so very few real adults in the world; who else but children would be so obsessed with acting grown up all the time?
  12. I still look incredibly young (normally TOP OUT at being guessed 16 years old when I'm almost 23).
    Ageism is so fucking apparent here, that I just decided 'fuck it'. If I'm going to be treated like a kid because of how I look, I may as well take advantage of it.

    Also, being in the military didn't help either, so now I've regressed into an immature fuckwad.
    But hey. At least I look young, right?

    Apparently that's on everyone's dream list to look super young and that I should be super thankful.
    No, fuck you, I'll be thankful when people quit asking where my parents are at the airport.
    And yes, that's happened more than once.

    I'll be thankful for looking young when everyone on the planet quits assuming I can't possibly be responsible/have money/be respectable because they think I'm a spoiled teenager.
    I'll be thankful when I pull out my military ID and people stop thinking it's a school ID.
    I'll be thankful when I say I'm in the military (in civilian clothes) and people quit going "Oh, you mean ROTC?"

    Yeah, society's "adults" can tell me to quit acting like a kid when they learn to treat everyone with respect. In the meantime, I'll just piss in your shoes since you think I'm not capable of anything other than spending the mom I don't have any real relationship with's money.

    On a slightly more positive note, I always loved K'nex. But I suck at building things with any sort of structural integrity. xD
  13. That...has to be the single coolest thing I've seen all week.
  14. I had to give my legos away. I couldn't bring them with me out to hell paso.....I mean El Paso, so I gave then to my neighbor's kid along with a my customs builds. He was so hyped up that it was cute. As for gaming..........PLAY ON MY FELLOW GAMERS AND OTHER NERDY STUFF!!! XD
  15. In my (fewish) years roaming about wherever I've met quite a lot of people who so desperately wanted to grow up FAST. Like.. they'd take their drivers test the minute the drivers school opened on their 17th birthday.

    I am not one of these people. I wouldn't personally think that much of the stuff I do is childish. I think that how you see a lot of these activities is actually one of the great tellers from the kind of person you are, at least in england this would be noticably different in different social groups. Gaming is not childish where i come from, though if you're a 30 year old man who does little other than play WoW all day, it's ok to consider it sad.

    Lego has never been childish. Lego is just simply awesome.

    I think that nowadays it's becoming more acceptable to not need to grow up so much.. though many people don't seem to realise it till it's a bit too late =/
  16. ....I shoot people on the weekends in games of glorified armymen...Oh shit, I still have all my plastic armymen from when I was younger and I also have moved up into the grander sounding world of "toy soldiers." Oh well, as they say your collections start when you're a child and continue on when you're an adult.
  17. Yes.

    It's not that people think that having fun in your own way is a bad thing. I've found that most people in their twenties have a least a little bit of love for things like video games and toys from their youth.

    However, when these things get in the way of your work/relationships/real life responsibilities, others get bitter towards them. Drawing a face on a paper at work (to use Isabella's example) isn't seen as bad unless maybe you were supposed to be doing something productive rather than doodling. Or perhaps it was perceived that way. That's what immaturity is, not so much the act of doing something "childish", but rather the act of puting such an unimportant thing as a priority higher than your other responsibilities.

    I run and partially own a small business, am the vp of a non profit group, and like "adult" things like wine tasting parties with my spouse and married friends. But I still play video games, I still have a great love for My Little Ponies, and one of my favorite hobbies is hanging on a role-playing website. It's all about finding way makes you happy and balancing that with what you have to do to get by in life.
  18. Amen to that.

    I'm glad my future job is going to be what I love as well. :)
  19. .....I've always been the "baby" among my friends, I'm a little childi....


    Ok, I'm childish to the max, but the thing is, I turn it off when need be, and also, it helps my friends and I find great adventures.

    Yes. I just said that. I have ADVENTURES.

    The world is still a big place, I still draw in anime form, I still love stuffed animals, and bathroom humor should have no age limit.
  20. Is it just me or is that a knex replicant of a usp?

    But on subject. Video Games are only looked to as child play toys because when a mature game comes out all the news coverage is about how it will effect the children even though the ESRB put maturity ratings on the damn things. Video games are designed to tax your mind on your problem solving skills and are probably much more effecient at education than most think. It is just become a more advanced version of that baby platic box with the different hole shapes, only this one is designed with the intent of increasing the open mindness of a 13-18 year old for T rating and gory but fun and problematic awesomeness of 18+ M rating.

    I've also been to Magic the Gathering prereleases and junk before, man, most of the people there were older than me. I'd highly doubt it could be called childish, especially with the amount of strategy and metagame that goes into creating a deck for tournaments.

    Being childish is what makes a good imaginitive career. As my old Art Teacher would say "The left side of the brain thinks creatively while the right side yells at it to stop. Silence your right side and think freely." -Michael Foster.