Why is autism so popular lately?

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  1. Keep seeing it mentioned everywhere.. then I found this on 4chan...


    Isabellas got this score.. 29 is ok I guess.. not autistic enough! Isabellas have been diagnosed as bipolar schizophrenics before though.. maybe they like patterns too.. we need a schizophrenic score test.. Isabellas would ace that one.

    Agree: 2,4,5,6,7,9,12,16,18,19,22,23,26,33,35,39,41,42,45,46: 1 point
    Disagree: 1,11,17,24,25,27,38,47,48: 1 point
    Score: 29

    I wanna see what everyone else gets on this...
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    Score: 29

    Let's see....ALREADY KNEW I HAD IT, SO SCREW YOU TESTS. I just force myself to try and understand the world even though I really don't.

    As for why it's so popular, it is because people are paranoid douches that like making their children more socially isolated than they need to be. There's a difference between actually having a disorder and being a pretentious prick.

    "You prefer to do things by yourself?"

    Err. . .Yeah, I mean, depends on the stuff.


  4. All so.. why are there no autistic females? Only see guys with it..
  5. Agree: 41: 1 point
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    Score: 1

    Wait...is that good or bad?
  6. .-. I'm guessing a lower score's better?

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    <NOBR>Score</NOBR>: 13
  7. Some theorise that Autism is the extreme male brain, hence why the male:female ratio among Autistics is 10:1. It's a predisposition towards process and "deep focus" (as opposed to the female "wide focus") - a thinking atomistic rather than holistic.

    It's popular right now because:

    A) It's more or less invisible, so artists and douchebag parents can exploit it.

    B) Because of the high end of the autistic spectrum that manifests savant skills (and we've always been fascinated by "superhuman" powers)

    C) Because of the rise of the "geek" culture which may or may not be directly related to a rise in autistic tendencies, suggesting that autism may be increasing in order to evolutionary-match our current information-rich and socially isolated environment.

    And D) Because the world is preparing itself for my novel. :|

  8. I go the the activity center together with an autistic female. Also, you can arguably place borderline syndrome in the autistic spectrum, and I know 2 or 3 of those as well.

    To answer your question, there ARE autistic females, it's just a lot rarer. As to the cause of that rarity I'm not going to speculate...I have a couple of theories though.


    Also...not going to do an autism test...if both the psychiatrist and psychologist determine I have Aspergers independently from one another I'm not going to allow some bitch with a high-school diploma and a fascination for SOME idealized form of autism tell me I'm actually not...
  9. I don't hang out with autistic girls very often, because it's like listening to myself talk....And then I realize I'm annoying. :o
  10. Agree: 12,26,33: 1 point
    Disagree: 1,10,11,14,15,17,24,25,30,32,34,36,38,44,47,48: 1 point
    Score: 19

    I still maintain that I'm only socially retarded.

    Yeah, I said it.
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  12. Agree: 2,4,12,13,16,23,26,33,39,43,46: 1 point
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    Score: 14

    Yay! I confirmed what I already know? XD

    BUT YES. It's popular right now cause it's the "NEW ADD". People always want to lay claim to some sort of mental or physical disorder. Either because it gains them sympathy or gives them an excuse not to take responsibility for their behaviors. "My bad, I can't keep a job cause I have ADD" or "I'm an asshole cause I'm autistic!" Doctors will over diagnose because they get PAID for it and it shuts up parents that can't raise their kids.

    And then if makes the people who really DO have the disorders look bad. >:[ Makes me mad.

    I'm proud to say I don't have any mental disorders! >:D And that parents didn't bother with me to take me anywhere to get diagnosed. t__t it was AAAALLL for isabella!
  13. Yes.. I got diagnosed for schizophrenia by 3 different doctors.. Can't argue with those odds! All so I read up on schizophrenia after making this topic and damn.. I have every symptom of it.. diana probly has what ever it is Mom and Granny have..
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  15. Diana's just a bitch.

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    Score: 17

    17, eh? New lucky number? *makes a mental note to add that number to his lottery play slip on Friday*
  17. So since my score was "1" I'm the least autistic out of everyone else's scores that were posted? *CONFUSION!*
  18. adhd up in this motherfucker.

    seriously, the ALMOST EVERYONE HAS AUTISM/ADD cockbadgers are almost as bad as the THERE IS NO AUTISM/ADD knucklefuckers.

  19. To a degree everyone falls into the whole autistic spectrum somewhere.

    Also, exploiters suck. It's not my fault my social skills suck in the real world (intertoobs is different since I'm not dealing with someone face to face, but if anyone has tried talking to me via Skype, you know I don't do a whole lot of talking).....Damn cocks.
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    Score: 18