Why I love...

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  1. As a bit of a disclaimer I feel I must state that this, in no way, is my attempt at brown nosing.

    So I was awake at 04:14 CSt (-6gmt), ready for another riveting day at college. I decided that I should up my post count, which displeases me so on the account of I want to post like three posts a day and never do, when I started to go through Gen Chat. At this point I realized why I like Iwaku so much, and I thought maybe if it wasn’t too overzealous we could get some chime ins on this.

    For me Iwaku is such a cool place because of the community, I really like that aspect of it. For the most part the people I meet in Chat are the folks who post, the folks who post, post these super interesting topics that at least make me step back and see myself for the five minutes it may take me to post. I really respect people who make me do that because it’s a thought provoking exercise. So big brownie points all around to the awesome folks here, not just the staff but the entire community. You all really know how to pull some stuff together.