Why I Love Iwaku

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  1. Life gets crazy sometimes and it's easy to take for granet what we have. Tell everyone why Iwkau is important to you. Let's share the awesomeness of this place.
  2. I love Iwaku because...

    all I can think about is how I was SO confused at seeing "Twll us!" below this thread title.
    I was like

    > w< !

    Which brings me to being srs, kind of.

    I love Iwaku because it is a family.

    Whether you deny it, or not, Iwaku is your family. Iwaku is all up in yer face and emotions and life, if you allow it to be.
    You will meet some of the best people here, and some of the worst. But... o_o' through my experiences, mostly these peeps are the best.

    I love Iwaku because it is kind of like my Internet Home.
    I feel I can come and go, roleplay or not, and I am accepted, no matter what is going on in my life at that moment, or how many issues I have inside of me, or how burnt out I am, or how sad or crabby or hyper.
    Iwaku accepts me.

    Iwaku accepts everyone. :]
    People need acceptance,
    and that is a stellar attribute, to be accepting.

    SO, GO YOU, IWAKU. >:D
  3. I love this place because it's full of sexy ladies. ;)

    Iwaku means a lot to me 'n stuff. ^____^;

  5. i love this place because it is a escape from the real world...a world i really dont like. Its also a place where people dont even know my name or really anything about the person i am...you either like or dont like me because of what i say and how i act here ((wait i think this means im pretty much fucked))
  6. I love Iwaku because it gives me an opportunity to enjoy all of my passions. 8D I get to be creative and imaginative. Write stories. Live other lives. I get to interact with other people every day that actually -share- my same interests, which has always been hard for me to find out in the physical world. >> Aaannndd I get to administrate and community build. Which is something I put a lot of time and effort in to. I love seeing a community grow and evolve, it's a total bonus that it's centered around a subject I am highly interested in!
  7. Well... Uhh... Umm... Uhh... *scratches head* I honestly don't know where to start!

    I love Iwaku because all the people here are awesome! *cough*eventhetrolls*cough*

    I love Iwaku because it's such an intimate community. I am sure Diana will laugh at me for saying this a second time. This is the kind of place that you can make lifetime friends in. The people are great and the fact that they share the same interests as you do is a big big bonus.

    I love Iwaku because the community inspires me to constantly strive to improve my writing and it keeps kicking my muse into action. Ever since I joined Iwaku I have been breeding plotbunnies like crazy and the only reason I don't have 10 bazillion RPs going on is because I don't have the time for 10 bazillion RPs. I love being able to be creative, to bring entire worlds into existence, and Iwaku just makes all that effort worth sharing.

    Also, Iwaku's staff is awesome at their job. For a community this large, I applaud the staff for keeping things under control! I've been to a number of communities before and the staff there isn't as immersed in the community and isn't as diligent as the staff in Iwaku. *claps*
  8. Basically what everyone else said. Internet home, escape from the real world.

    One of the only social settings where I feel like I don't have to lie to kick it : )
  9. I love Iwaku because it is just the greatest place ever! :D My favorite place to be is C-Box! ^^ I've made a lot of friends there and I love everyone who regularly chats in that insane place! ^^

    Also, Iwaku provides a great distraction from real life stuff ^^ and I love that! :D
  10. I love Iwaku for reasons similar to Staci's. Iwaku is a place that is equal opportunity. It accepts everything and everyone as long as those people are also accepting themselves and it all feels like a big family. It is also a great place to practice my writing skills, to try out my characters and to make some... questionable experiments, some of which end up blowing in my face. Being in Iwaku still feels great though, because everybody is so awesome!
  11. I may be a new member, but I already love this place because it gives people a chance to meet to friends and expand on their creativity by observing other roleplays.