Why Her?

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  1. Greg Torres, an 18 year old, escaped with his love at a young age. Unfortunately, they were separated in a cold blizzard which left him crushed. Since that devastating day, he has been searching all over. And he doesn't planning on quitting anytime soon.

    "YO Greg! Check it out! Newbies!"

    Greg sighed in exasperation. "So? Want me to go beat them up? Psh...yeah right." He looked out the window and adjusted his glasses. There were so many students. A new athlete. The Nerds. Etc. Yet one girl caught his sight. Greg stood up and sped down the stairs. That girl looked so familiar; her hair, face, everything.
  2. Ariel bit her bottom lip, as she looked down at her papers, telling her where to go. She sighed heavily, knowing sooner or later she would get lost. Her short-legged overalls got her stares. Not because she was weird, but because she looked pretty damn amazing. She was new to the school, always transferring because she didn't want people to get too attached, or be found.

    If only Greg was here...

    Her heart skipped a beat, just thinking about him made her body react so differently. She huffed her side bangs out of her face, her curls bouncing around with the slightest of movements.
  3. Greg rushed outside, but the first bell rung.

    "Great....now I'm late for class..."

    He dragged himself to his first class, math. Ignoring the teacher's lecture on being late, he walked to the seat closest to the window. He wasn't paying attention as he stared at the birds outside. They were flying free...with their partner by their side at all times. Greg deeply sighed. Then the door opened and ooos and ahhs filled the room. Greg jerked his head and froze.
  4. Ariel jumped at the sudden ooh's and ahh's. She looked around the room, just scanning the faces of each and every student. They all looked over at her, in shock. She didn't know why, but all of the girls knew why. Because she was extremely pretty. She never thought of herself as gorgeous, but she truly was. She was just a modest girl, that's what it was. She then noticed Greg's face. Her mouth formed into a perfect 'O', a gasp coming out of her lips as she made it over to the teacher's desk. No one heard her gasp, or noticed her expression change from shy to surprised. "I'm sorry I was late, I'm a transfer, I'm Ariel," she murmured to the teacher with a half-smile.

    The teacher nodded, not giving her any sass because she was new, and he thought she was downright gorgeous as well. Perverted teachers these days...

    The only seat open, funnily, was the one right behind Greg. She walked over to it slowly, not saying a word to Greg. She didn't know if she should pursue a conversation, not knowing if he even remembered her. She surely remembered him. Her fingers tips burned to lean over and touch him. Caress his scalp with her fingers running through his soft locks. She breathed heavily, and clenched the edges of her notebook.
  5. After the whole commotion, the teacher faced the chalkboard and started to talk nonsense math. Nobody listened of course. She was sitting right behind him. What should he do?! Talk in class? No, too noticeable. Pass notes? Too cliche...but it was Greg's best bet at the moment. He wrote in neat handwriting: Ariel? Remember me? Greg He quickly turned around and placed it on her desk. Without knowing he turned back again. Her curls bounced oh so gently and her eyes were dazzling and bright. Her familiar scent entranced him. Greg couldn't help it. He missed her so much.
  6. Ariel opened the note, and scribbled back in her cursive.

    How could I ever forget you?


    She slid it across his shoulder slowly, letting it fall off his shirt, to his desk. Her stomach twisted, and turned into seventeen knots while her heart skipped three beats. Just because she touched his shoulder. She didn't mean to touch him, but it just had to be done, so she could relax. Her hand now burned, feeling the ghost of his shoulder in her palm. She didn't even focus during the boring lesson, to wrapped up in Greg.
  7. His daze was cut off as a boy had wrapped his arms around Ariel. Greg glared at Pierre. He always took everything away from Greg. The ladies, the role of class president, popularity. He was not going to let him take Ariel away. He wasn't going to lose her again.

    "Hey babe...you said your name was Ariel?", Pierre said.

    Greg clenched his fist and gritted his teeth. No way was this happening.
  8. Ariel looked at the boy who had his hands around her hips, she gave him a polite smile. "Yeah, you don't need your hands to know that, though," she told him politely, grabbing him by the wrist to gently tug his hands from around her waist. "And you are?" she asked him with a raised eyebrow, not wanting to completely make a fool out of this man, not yet at least.

    She looked at Greg, seeing how mad he got. She noticed his white knuckles, the muscles in his shoulders and neck tensed up. She placed a hand comfortingly on his shoulder, while she looked at Pierre for him to answer.
  9. The touch of her hand relieved Greg. However he knew Pierre wouldn't leave that easily...

    "I'm Pierre and in fact, I do need to know. I am the class rep after all." With his hand, he pulled Ariel closer. "It's my job to get to know everyone better. I'm just starting with you"
  10. Ariel had enough of Pierre's rudeness towards her. She smacked his hand away, and smacked the back of his head with her notebook hard. She gave him a stern look, as she placed her desk back normally, and looked up at the board, taking a deep breath. "I said you don't need to know with your hands. Keep them to yourself, if you want to keep them," she gritted through clenched teeth.

    Her first day of school, and she already had to deal with assholes.

    The teacher looked back, noticing something was different, but he didn't say anything. People around the incident stifled laughter, loving how Pierre was embarrassed.
  11. Greg smiled at Ariel. He felt pretty good. Class continued as it should have, boring and long. It was only a matter of time until the first day of school ended.

    "So what do you wanna do?"

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  12. It's fine, don't worry<3
    Ariel looked at Greg, as she left the books in her locker. She decided to finish off her homework in the beginning of first period tomorrow, because she hated homework. She blinked, and shook her head.

    "That's the type of reunion I get from you?" she murmured softly, and raked her hair. She looked all around, then back at him, her eyes showing she was hurt.

    She walked off, leaving him there.
  13. Greg mentally yelled at himself. *Dammit, I messed up again!* He decided to go chase her, hoping he could make up for what he did wrong. He ran a couple blocks down, then around the park. Once he stopped to take a breather, it was already sunset.

    "Gah...Where could she have gone??"
  14. Ariel was at the children's park, sitting down on a swing. She let what was left of the sun soak her in its gorgeous rays. She hummed softly, swinging her legs to let the swing take momentum, and swing her back and forth.

    For such a smart boy, Greg could be a dumbass sometimes, she thought softly.
  15. Greg thought about calling her. He picked up his phone and dialed a random number.

    "...What am I doing?! I don't even know her number..." He sighed once again. He got up and began running down blocks calling her name. "Ariel!! Ariel!!" He thought; Hey...it sounds corny, but it's all I got.
  16. Ariel jumped, hearing her name over and over. She got off the swing, and walked off to the edge of the park, seeing Greg running up and down. She would have stopped him, but he ran into her. She fell down to the ground, with a loud ugh!
  17. Dazed, he shook his head and quickly apologized to the person he crashed into.

    "Oh my God. I am SO sorry. See I was looking for someone-"

    He took a good look at her.


    Greg then embraced her with a tight hug.

    "I thought I lost you again...."
  18. "You almost did, when I was right in front of you," Ariel murmured to him lightly as she hugged him lightly. She pulled back and looked up at him. "What happened to you?" she asked him quietly, anyone with common sense can tell that she was hurt by her use of tone.

    "I mean...you are so different, Greg," she whispered as she looked down at the floor, then up at Greg with hurt-filled eyes.