Why hello there...

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  1. And here is another of the 'Great Migration'. I think I shall be quite at home here... yes I really think so.

    I prefer to have my rping posts introduce me instead of some list. So I will simply use this thread to say hello as just another new face on this forum and to say I am eager to have a fun time around these parts. *traces over my whip and purrs* Can always use new subjects and minions to be at my beck and call after all...

    I for one are positively delighted to be once more on a rp forum with actual working post tools and a what appears to be active admin staff.
  2. Time to whip this place into shape, eh? I was wondering what kept you, An ;p
  3. Dont you know mate, she is ever the drama queen :p she had to pick the right dramatic moment.

    That and wait for final approval from the admin staff while when I registered could do everything :p
  4. Isn't that just marvelous
  5. *whips you* shaddup or I'll have to chain you back to the wall. Nice that these forums have alerts when someone posts in your thread.
  6. It also sends a alert when someone quotes you, quite nice indeed.

    And oy behave, don't make me take drastic measures.

    I don't know what I will do but it will be drastic!
  7. Sure, sure, hold on to whatever hope you might think you have. I know it has been crushed by me long ago.
  8. Helloooooooooooooooo Welcome, to Iwaku!
    You don't have to use the list. I didn't use the list. It's completely optional. Chill out with the whip.
    Enjoy your time peoning things...

    But as long as you are here, you'll forever be a part of the Iwakuian cultist empire. Mwahaha!
  9. Yaaaaaay!

    Welcome to the site, Andrea