Why hello there

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  1. Hi everyone. I am Vassal or even if you want Mariah. I've been rping for quite some years but stopped for a while so I might be out of the groove slightly. I am excited to begin rping again and I hope to enjoy myself here. It looks like a fantastic sight.

    I am not sure what else to say.
  2. Welcome to Iwaku - a fantastic place, just as long as you don't make eye contact with some of the shiftier members.

    Anyway, welcome to the site. If you need anything, drop me a line, and I'll see what I can do.
  3. Welcome to Iwaku!

    I've been out of the groove lately, too. It happens from time to time.
  4. What a pretty avatar. O_O Welcome to the site, Vassal!
  5. Welcome Mariah! Lovely avatar and signature by the way :) I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay here. It is a nice and cool RP site. ^^
  6. Thanks for the welcome you guys.