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  1. Hello people of Iwaku, I am Aetherea! As you can guess, I am new to this site, however, I have been roleplaying since 2010, 3-ish years. I am absolutely in love with roleplaying and the site that has been the host to my roleplaying shenanigans (honestly, I just wanted to use the word shenanigans) has been slowly withering away, as sad as that is for me. So, I decided to branch out and expand my roleplaying horizons! I am really exited and a tad bit nervous, I always feel like I am going to completely destroy new sites with my presence, to join this community. I hope you will all forgive my noobness and point me in the right direction to start off in this site ^-^
    Okay, I have a question now. I was looking through the forums and various threads and posts and I decided that I want to rp this plot that has been accumulating nonexistent dust in my computer. It is called The Reincarnation of the Lightning Thief and it ties in with Greek Mythology, however, there are only 3 character types that are open and I was wondering how I go about all this. Do I post my plot in the Global Signup & Plot List area and then re-post it in the Fantasy Roleplay section? I am utterly confused on the different sections and, like I stated above, I don't want to destroy this site with my presence, with that said, any help will be more than generous. <3
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  2. Welcome, Aetherea. I hope you have a grand time here, even though I can't answer your question too well. I'm just coming back to the site, myself.
  3. Thanks for the welcome Madaraki <3
    And don't worry about the question, I am sure someone will stumble upon this thread and help my poor and pathetic soul:)
    ... I just realized the answer to my question and may I say that I feel ridiculously dimwitted at the moment...
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  4. Hi there Aetherea! 8D Welcome to the site, and no reason to feel stupid. I feel stupid everyday!
  5. We welcome you, Aetherea, with open arms here at Iwaku. Make yourself at home ^_^ loving your title by the way <3 Also there's lots of help threads around and you can always message a staff member for assistance. And should you like to test the waters here, the Jump-In RPs are a good start to engage in. I hope you'll have fun and enjoy your stay. :)
  6. Thanks Diana. I always overlook the obvious :)
    Why, thank you Crash<3 and thanks for the tips! I shall note all of that and check out the Jump-In RPs, though I have never participated in one before so this should be interesting :)
  7. Welcome to Iwaku!