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Hello! I'm Tobi. It's been the longest time since I've role-played and I miss it, dearly. After taking a 2 year hiatus, I thought it was about time I came back. (to RPing that is) It is nice to meet you all!

As for a bit about myself, I am still in school and I take my education very seriously (even though it might not seem that way by me deciding to RP in the middle of a semester). But I honestly just need something for me to be able to express myself in, and that is what roleplaying is to me, and while education is very important expressing yourself is just as important in my opinion.

I hope to enjoy my stay here at Iwaku as I've never actually joined the website so, thank you for having me!


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Hi, Tobi! Welcome to the site :] I've only been here a short time, myself, but I can guarantee you'll find something awesome. It's good to be able to express yourself! That is why I'm here, as well. It's nice to take a step back from everything, and dive into a world of our own, sometimes. While our preferred roleplays differ, let me know if you need anything ^^
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I don't have a favorite genre. I can role-play under any genre and I enjoy doing so. Though, I tend to stray more towards Fantasy, Modern, Scifi, Drama, Magical, Supernatural, and Romance (BL/Hetero/GL).

Welcome to IWAKU.

I'm still in school myself so yeah. I recommend starting with one one role-plays if you want to balance out RP with school. Maybe one group rp and then a one on one.​
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Thank you so very much for the welcomes and advice, I appreciate them greatly! And yes @Luchi, though our preferences vary, I will keep you in my best interest.
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