Why hello there! So nice to meet you all!

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  1. Hello everyone! Lilly here!~

    Um...where to start?
    Well...I guess I'll start with history!

    .I have been rp-ing for about...3 or 4 years now.
    .This is the first time I have adventured out of my rping site (so I'm really excited to get started!).
    .I do not consider myself as an advanced rp-er but I do know what I am doing!!!
    .I am a student so sometimes it makes it hard for me to get away from my personal life and chores, but I do rp when I can!

    A little about myself

    .I am fairly energetic an optimistic person.
    .I have been told countless times that I have a big imagination.
    .I am a hopeless romantic.
    .I love the fine arts! (Art, Music, Dance, Acting, etc.)

    So in a nut shell, this is me! I'm looking forward to start role-playing!
  2. Hello, Lilly and welcome to Iwaku. ^_^

    My name is Tenchi-Roku, the local ninja. Its nice to have a new face here with us.

    The forum has plenty of Romance RPs to choose from. If not, then I'm sure your big imagination can cook something up. If you need any kind of help, feel free to ask me or one of the staff, or administrators.


    *ninja vanish*
  3. Heya Lily welcome to the forums. (get used to seeing one liners from alot of people) but yeah I'm Ruikio , have fun on this fun rping site.
  4. Welcome to the forum Lily of the Valley. You have a very poetic name, most impressive. I am Leo, one of the 3 sovereign dictators admins of the forum. I'm the one that focuses on any projects that are being designed for the forum and occasional plot-bunny breeder if you ever need help with designing characters or plots.
  5. pfffft. Since when does Ror-sans come and welcome people. - w-

    That is very poetic of a name, though.. o ^o
    -gives a flower! A daisy, to be exact.-
    I hope you enjoy all the nut balls around here.
    No, really.
    They're tasty. o.o
    -Also gives a chocolate rolled up truffle covered in pecans.-
    - w- ~
  6. Welcome to Iwaku! I see you like dancing.
    There is a group devoted to dancing here .
    Glad to have you, Lilly!
  7. You love the Fine Arts?!?! Ok, you are now my best friend <3 I am in love with Acting and Dance (although I can't even move my hips)

    Anyways, welcome to the Community! I hope you like it here! And by the way, I'm Lady Raimy ( Rina )
  8. Hiya Lilly!

    I can honestly say the more you travel around to different roleplay sites the more excited you will become to see the next one. Each place holds so many different kinds of people and roleplay styles and stories. It's like each different place is it's own world.

    A big imagination is excellent! I can't wait to see some of the different plot ideas, stories and other random creations you will come up with. You should check out the Creative Challenges section of the forums. I have already had a bit of fun with the different challenges they have in there. My favorite is where you listen to music and then write a short story or scene about what the music makes you feel.

    I am curious now. Do you play any instruments since you enjoy music? If you play violin or viola you are instantly 10 times more awesome. :D
  9. OH MY!
    Staci was here already- she got with the sweet stuff first!

    Anyways, welcome Lilly!
    I'm also a Fine Arts fan!
    Here, have some lobster.

    I usually offer cookies or some other sweet stuff, but, I think you already have enough of those.
    You know, just caring for your dental health a little.

    See you around!
  10. Hello Miss Very excited Lilly! 8D Welcome to the community!
  11. Hello, Lilly! Welcome to Iwaku! We're glad to have you.