Why, hello there gorgeous <3

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  1. ...or handsome, or charming // whatever floats your boat and gets the blood flowing. I guess that would work, would it not?

    The name is Amelia (often shortened to Mia), and my old account on here was ElementGold; infamous for my Yaoi role-plays and forbidden love plots as well as someone who bites off more than I can often chew.
    My time on Iwaku (years ago) was quite productive, and now that my long hiatus is now over with, I'm looking to throw myself back into the game.

    If you would like to know more about me, feel free to read both my RP and Mature resume's, but I will give you a little briefing right here:

    When it comes to role-playing I do Yuri, Yaoi, and Furry.
    Furry relationship are either Gay or Lesbian relationships, all attempts at getting me to play in a hetero-sexual situation will fail horribly. My characters are very versatile // whereas I can be either a man or a woman (or maybe both at the same *wink*), I can also be either dominant or submissive; it all just depends on what that specific role-play is asking for.

    I find that my role-playing partner and I need to work really well as a team. Obviously I do not take kindly to God-modders that try and grab control of my character...some things are okay as long as you ask for my permission before doing them. I work with my partner to create deep plot lines. I love the sexy-time that happens in my role-plays, I revel in love-making scenes, but, there must always be a plot behind it // I do not role-play random sex same as I would never indulge in casual sex without a purpose (it just makes sense).

    I am somewhat of a forgettful person at times, so I ask that you be patient with me if we are working together. As a warehouse worker I work long and odd hours and sometimes it might be quite impossible for me to find the time to respond, and I will try my hardest to let you know if I must go on hiatus.

    I think I have covered most of the important basics. If you believe that I have left anything out, please feel free to shoot me a message, leave me a comment, or get hold of me in some way, shape, or form.
    Stay beautiful <333
  2. Welcome back! And thank you, I am gorgeous.

    Did you forget your password or something? We can get your accounts merged for you!
  3. Welcome back!!! I hope everything isn't too new so you can easily jump back into your old routine! :D