Why Halo 4 sucks

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  1. I feel this video sums it up perfectly- to me it didn't feel like halo. It felt like "JJ Abrams Lens flare porn + Genetic sci-fi war game"
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  2. I love the Halo franchise. I'm in butt love with the Halo franchise and all this is accurate as fuck.
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  3. The halo franchise was my baby. I loved it. I fed it my money.

    And then 343i made halo 4.
    I like to pretend that halo died after reach and any game after tech doesn't exist and Bungie let's it exist because in my world they still own halo and are too nice to sue.
    But my world is too good :(
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  4. EVERYTHING....... ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING IN THIS IS TRUE!!!! I hate it so much. I was so happy when I first got Halo 4, as I could only play reach if I was slightly drunk. Sniping was horrible. Vehicles had a mind of their own. God forbid the Banshee not be over powered. Kill cams lagged the game. The weapons seemed to only be effective at no range a normal person should be able to get four to five perfect head shots. The scatter shot was way too damn strong, and the shot gun might as well have been shooting blanks. I do dare to say I was the best driver EVER on halo 4. Turning a half blown up warthog into a rolling death-mobile. Until lag from the kill cams got me stuck in the path of a rocket.

    In short this one game made me go to Battlefield 3. Honestly it made more sense...... Fracking overpowered Pro. Knights...... Oh you are out side of the actual battle sniping? NOPE!!!!! *Cuts you in the back, then proceeds to rape the whole team with no mercy.* God forbid you kill one too. >:O
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  5. best part of that vid? the level up nonsense
  6. Cool yer' tits.

    Just play Destiny.
  7. Maybe I'm not very picky or something, I didn't mind Halo 4, I thought it was a decent step in a new direction which for some reason people started saying it was like CoD (which I just don't understand) but I may just have a pragmatic mind and see why it is 343 made the next installment the way they did. I thought it was an excellent game. As for the video, to be honest, the guy must just suck at some things; or better yet, the game was designed to be a bit more challenging. Those damn knights may have been hard to fight in many cases, but it made you look for new paths to take when conquering your enemies.

    Some of the other stuff seemed more for comedic purposes and tongue in cheek. In other words, hey everybody, lets jump on the hate Halo 4 bandwagon! Then again, I'm no fan boy, I just enjoy taking my brain out and putting it in the refrigerator and killing aliens and enjoying a modest story about the extermination of humanity.
  8. I agree with DGraves, all the video complained about really was the leveling system and how difficult the game was. The knights weren't even that hard to kill, well they were, but they weren't "Omfg I hate this game because of one enemy" type of difficulty. The video just complained about gameplay, not the story. So it should more be "Why Halo 4's Gameplay/Leveling" sucks instead of "Why Halo 4 Sucks"
  9. Taking a breather. I have to say you guys need to do spartan ops then. At one point on legendary there are like ten knights at the same time, and several watchers. It took me, and three friends the better part of an hour to get past. Every time you even shot a watcher they would warp behind us, and politely ask us to bend over with that damn sword. If you killed one then it got restored by the trash cans with wings. If you ran attampting to get a better location tgen three of them barred your path asking if you had time to talk about their savior. That was the final point. I decided I hated the game at that point for many reasons.
  10. All those down votes. Would you rather play Halo 5: GAWDEENS?
  11. The game didn't feel like halo. Halo had a formula-
    Balanced weapon play.

    Then in halo 2, it evolved

    Balanced weapon play + good vehicle usage

    Halo 3....

    Balanced weapon play + good vehicle usage + bonus weapons and items

    Halo Reach....

    Balanced weapon play + good vehicle usage + bonus weapons and items (abilities) + ultimate forge capabilities.

    Halo 4...
    A secondary has a one shot kill range larger than a shotgun. That's ridiculous. Most of the forerunner weapons are OP. In fact, anything that 343i invented for the game is overpowered simply because you either can spawn with it or because it's insanely better than anything else. The knights are over powered. Try legendary campaign sometime...it's usually 2 magazines of BR fire and the watchers take most of a magazine and they revive the stupid knights while you attempt to kill them. The vehicles, suck (except the mantis of course, which 343i invented for the halo universe...seeing the pattern yet?). What's the difference in abilities? None really...all of them just make you slightly more agile while Promethean vision will let you see everyone on the entire map from miles away... OH!
    And custom games suck major ass. No custom game support or machinima support at all...also, what happened to playing as elites? I miss invasion. Not to mention the elites are just as cool as Spartans.
  12. We all know 343i ruined the Halo franchise, they're only going to be making it worse.

    Surprised ya'll aren't rooting for a game made by the actual Bungie team.
  13. I left the xbox scene for my relationship. Besides if I jumped in a mantis right now I bet I could still make everyone of those 12 year olds quake with fear. Honestly 343 kinda broje the game. They could have done soooooo much, and instead they made it fall on its face, start digging a hole, and then pull a rock over itself before calling it a game.
  14. I've no opinion what-so-ever on multiplayer because I avoid competitive online MP like the black plague. So this does wear down by overall opinion on Halo 4. Though I have played all the Halo games (with the exception for Spartan Ops) on all difficulties and I don't understand what the problem is. It just seems the Halo 4 is a bit more unforgiving if you pull off a false move and you pay for it dearly. As for weapon balancing, it didn't feel that out of whack. Despite damage ration in comparison, accuracy with the forerunner weapons was a bit lacking by my feel which made up for their high damage output. However, in the hands of the AI, the weapons were... to say the least, devastating, though I think that was the point.
    I just enjoy a fun challenge.
    But as previously stated.

    Brain out, into the fridge, enjoy self.

    I suppose its because I never became a huge fan of the Halo series; I'm what some call a casual gamer. (except for simulation games, particularly Maxis) I don't have pro skills but I sure as hell know what I'm doing.

    On a last note, I avoid competitive online MP because my introduction to it was CoD and... well, every other CMP-FPS I've played reflects the same poor tactics used by so-called gamer's who, in turn, abuse glitches and issues within the game code. I'm not sure if this same problem persists in Halo 4. Though I have played Halo: Reach MP and kicked some serious ass. Easier than hell, strangely enough.
  15. People abuse glitches in every online multiplayer game. FPS games are bottom of the barrel when it comes to communities, right there next to MOBAs and whatnot.

    Only difference is, abusing game mechanics in other forms of gaming, is seen as a strategy that can be exploited and countered.
  16. The checkpoint system was stupid. I hit a checkpoint on legendary where a grunt had an incoming grenade and if I forgot to move left (but not too far or I'd be hit by a charged plasma shot that would make me certainly dead to a jackal sniper).
    I just turned off the Xbox and said fuck it, because it was worthless to keep playing. I forced my sensitivity on maximum and went into total ninja skills and played super dexterity jumping, dodging and weaving. Another time I scored four headshots from a sniper on a knight and it laughed it off and killed me. Such BS.
  17. The way I started dealing with knights was running up to them, then sprinting to their back. Even if you fail the assassination it will break their sheilds. Then you use the rest of sprint to get away.
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  18. Maddeline: Well it's sounding like (and I mean no offense) that you kinda.... well, just sucked at Halo 4. Don't get me wrong, the game was of a different design and new enemies; but the way you put it... sounds like being frustrated too easily by something that shouldn't get under your skin. Sounds like a personal issue.

    Then again, through subjective experience, I should leave one be. It was a hard game with some screwy issues, though I never encountered any horrific checkpoints (even on legendary) which put me in a totally fucked up situation. But of course, I've been playing FPS (strictly campaigns) for years and have played... well, way to many FPS games. I suppose, if anything, since I've played so many I'm probably just used to the common issues found in such games and have a high capacity for tolerating such things or just naturally working around them. Not sure how else to put it. Though I think I may be getting off topic.
  19. @DGraves
    I've beat every game on legendary- this was the hardest by far. I can juke the elites and get past their horrifically complex dodging system, I can avoid wraiths and ghosts with a battle rifle and a magnum. what I can't deal with, is two Promethean knights running Scattershots and a backup Promethean with a Binary rifle.

    I know to you that means I suck, but the prometheans are OP on legendary. Are you actually sure you had it on legendary?
  20. I love it. Cause Legendary basically means: "How it'd happen in reality."
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