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  1. Ah, advanced apologies for the length of my post, I got carries away I guess :<

    Hello there, I am the Limey Potato, but you may call me Limes :) I am a girl [SHOCKER] and I am 20 years old, soon to be 21, coz I am an ancient bugger! I mostly play games such as Rakion, Minecraft, Gears of War, Zelda and a few other things. I am currently waiting for the full release of Guild Wars 2. The books I read are usually by Garth Nix, Darren Shan, Antony Horowitz, and some point book authors. Im typically a horror fan but I find the genre is severely lacking in good stories and movies these days. Usually predictable and disappointing amongst pointless acts of gore and violence for directors and writers to up heel their not-so-deep issues in life. A feet that most of us accomplish through FPS or punching a pillow.

    Stuff about my roleplay history you do not need to read: tldr = did it years ago, was bad at it, want to start at it again, perhaps Ill be a more mature RPer this time round.

    Well, I used to roleplay often. The hobby started when I stumbled across runescape forums and found the roleplay section. At first, friends and I didn't take it seriously but then it became more fun and routine as I met more interesting people. I then created a forum for those of us who wanted to divide from runescape, and roleplay somewhere else. This forum lasted a couple of years but once roleplaying died, we sought out other sites with little luck. We had quite a specific slandered that most other did not use, and while we tried using the other methods, it didn't suit to our tastes. Some of my members found sites to settle to, but my roleplaying experienced died as my life became much buisier with other things. In attempt to stretch my fictional wings again, I did some Minecraft roleplay, though we usually ended up mucking around on skype :)

    The old friends I had over from runescape years ago, have recently reconvinend with skype and facebook, and we have been chatting once again and rekindling some epic lulz. Two said they wanted to roleplay again, and sent me here, so I am here to see if I can settle into it once again. I will need something to do once my course ends in the end of May!

    I played all sorts of characters, mostly ones to use as a vent for my female teenage angst, stress, and emotional disseray, teenage girls *rolls eyes* I played the love struck, the insane, the emotionally challenged, usually characters that represented a chapter of myself, so as I grew, they followed. I am now not who I was, and I have not roleplayed in years, so the change to my own character may agust the way I roleplay. Characters will hopefully now be of my imagination that longs to be formed properly, rather than unstable messes that were brewed from my womanly emotional break downs.

    I hope to play in horror, zombie apocalypse, general life and perhaps comedic roleplays. Comedy has become my new suit, and I hope to make all sorts of characters that produce wit, laughter and excitement, as well as occasional insanity and murderous sadism.

    Back on track...

    SPECE MARIIIIINES? ANGRY VAMPIRES? SPARKLING KITTENZ? WOLF PACKS?? um... Edward Cullen = EW, I prefer napkin kitten, SPECE MARINES, and who doesn't love wolves? :)

    The question of music... ah jee I love way too much of it to have a specific favourite at any time! I usualy will have about 6 at one time, so I will give you what I am listening to: Stuck in your radio - SLyfox and the curious cats.

    "Everyday Everyday the sun comes out,
    I know that I will be okay,
    Everyday everyday the moon shines bright,
    and on my heart your head will lay"

  2. Garth Nix!

    /Fangirl moment

    Welcome to Iwaku, Limes ^^ I'm Layne, nice to meet you!
    A comedic RP sounds pretty awesome :x We should start up a story sometime :3
    Have fun!

    Hey Limez :D Kyta here. Buddy is 'Super Cat', because cats are the best.
  4. Hey Layne, another Nix fangirl? pleased to meet you :) I am actually about to read Drowned Wednesday ^^
    Comedy is so much more fruitful than most genres, however it is difficult in roleplays, but if you think about the lolz you get from everyday life, it's surprisingly not to hard :) Usually, the less you try, the more fun you have = great comedy.

    Haha I already knew it was you Kyta....
  5. WAT how is this possible!? I thought I was totally incognito :<... what gave me away?
  6. You are just too obvious! You couldn't hide even behind Shawn!
  7. I'm pretty sure Shawn can hide anything if he stands in front of it... well maybe not vertically :P but yes, have a look around, there's plenty of different roleplays to be tried I believe.
  8. Welcome to the site, Limes! I think the majority of the members here are in their early to late twenties. It looks like you are one of Supercats people, so I am sure you'll have no problems finding RP partners : )

    Let us know if you need anything!
  9. I am glad you decided to join Limey. Hopefully I can persuade some of our other friends to join as well or at least come and take a look to see if they want to stick around. Let me know if you need any help otherwise I will have to make sure to invite you to my zombie roleplay when I get it up off the ground. :DI love zombies.
  10. Hey Ty :)

    Optimus Prime? hurrhurr hai :) Suprcats people? It's strange, used to be that THEY were MY people <3 Times change. I'll start with exorcising on more simple role plays, a jump in one looks like it would be a nice way to start practicing again.

    Thanks for the wlecomes ^^
  11. You are all my people and you will like it. Because this is not a republic, it is a kingdom and I made myself king. Well maybe not...You guys were always just to lazy to try and find anywhere new to go to, or else you never shared with anyone. Oh and I still like calling you Raven better than anything else. You should check out the creativity forum it has a really fun challenege where you listen to music and then write a scene that comes to mind from that music. It's really fun and Kyta can attest to that.
  12. Such a long interesting history! >:3 I do like when people come back to the throes of roleplaying and bring friends with them.

    Welcome to our community! 8D May it be your new home!
  13. Yes definitely, I quite enjoyed that :D it sort of gives you an impetus and a theme to work with. Quite easy to make something up on the spot with it.
  14. My my my! We have such a wave of superpeople coming to Iwaku!


    Welcome, Limes, The One Who Was Replaced By Super Cat.
    Sort of.

    Please, have a cookie!
    I'm Selenite, pleased to meet you.

    I must say, even though your post is lengthy, is by no means hard to read. I like that.
    Have fun and see you around!!

  15. Those cookies look... AMAZING!!!! *dives* nomnomnomnonm!!!

    Hai everyone and thankyou ^^ It seems pleasant here :)
  16. Welcome to Iwaku, Lime. It's always good to have a new comer. My name is Tenchi-Roku and its pleasure to meet you. ^_^
    *ninja vanish*
  17. I like SuperCat, so I will like friends of SuperCat! Welcome, Limes!
  18. D: I know I am a few days late but Hello and Welcome! I am Rina and if you need any help do not be afraid to ask!.
  19. You
    (just sayin)

    Welcome back to roleplay and to Iwaku! I have no doubt you will enjoy it here and have much fun.

    May the lulz be with you :3