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Okay, I'm going back out with guy and he's ssssssooooooo emotional. D : He crys when I don't hug him, he gets in huge trouble at school on purpose when I don't hug him, and he is really cling. We only been dating for one day and I wanna get out! Track season is coming up and I don't date during sports cause that and homework takes a lot of my time. He wants to hang every moment I am free. Can't do that.What should I dooooo? Dx He's driving me knockers!
Under normal circumstances I'd say that you should tell him to grow a pair and fucking deal, but I fear he'd explode on the spot.

Try telling him that you have your own life to live and that you'll make time for him when you can.
Tried that and that's how he got in trouble with the police the last time we went out. -~-
Oh my... Do you know any of his friends? maybe it would help to ask them about his behavior, try and figure out a way to respond by learning about him more.
hmm... well try to tell him that you need some space and time for things to work out. If that doesn't work and he gets into trouble agian he might not be the right person you should be around with. IIf he really cares about you he ought to give you some time and space.
Grow up and just dump the little wuss and take comfort in the fact that he may get picked up by the police. Someone that emotionally distressed/unbalanced is likely to spoon out your eyes and fling your intestines against the wall; rather than deal with rejection like a normal person.
Or they may become a stalker.

He's going to have to learn that the real world isn't as rosy as he'd like it to be.
Agreed... Plan out actions carefully.
Wait... you've been dating him for one day?
Asmo; We dated before for like a month.
Xnij; both 15.
Well for one he is still maturing so that could explain some of the emotional craziness. Secondly since he is only fifteen I wouldn't worry about it too much, at the moment he is completely infatuated which can be a very bad thing. If possible get his friends to help you out and explain the situation to them, hopefully they will be considerate to your cause. At this point you need intervention.
Just what I think anyways.

But seriously, this guy sounds like WAAAY more trouble than he's worth. Explain to him that he needs to sort his shit out and you don't like him being quite so clingy. Being a guy myself, I know it's better if you spell things out pretty clearly; that way, there's little room for him to twist your words to suit him (and we DO do that on occasion).

If you don't want to do it, like the Tux Man said, get a friend to help out; it's what they're for.

Also, contract-killersDAMMIT.
Hmmm...... I can be clingy at times... but to act out like that is not on.

Thats called guilt tactics. Hes trying to use your guilt to get the attention he wants, all in all its an asshole move and you should dump him. Then maybe he'll learn to be emotionally capable of going without hugs.

Im not saying hes using guilt tactics on purpose or even knows that he is, but the fact that he is is enough, and if you feed into it it will just get worse.
I find it so interesting that guys do this more often than girls.
At least in my high school experience.

Anywho, I suggest that you tell him straight up to chill the fuck out. Threaten him with breaking up if he doesn't give you some space. Explain the situation and get a couple of his friends to back you up. Also, tell him that you don't like this delinquent behavior and do the same tactic as before.
At least, that's how I've dealt with guys like that before. I was the person that everyone seemed to go to for love issues. lol