Why do we fart?

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  1. Flatulence is a daily phenomenon. In fact, most human beings pass gas 10-20 times a day (yes, that includes you). Where does your bodily gas come from?
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  2. I NEVER.

    Ladies only toot.
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  3. If you don't fart, then that makes you a robot.
  4. I fart for my friends.
  5. From the bacteria in my large intestine, of course.

    Although, if I went really deep, as in terms of the origin of them gases' mass[es], then all my farts come... FROM THE STARS.
    (or maybe from all the hot air coming from my ego?)
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  6. thats right kind of you
  7. Your cookie, Blind sir Hemingway, is fodder (for my fart-making bacteria).
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