Why do some members have Grey username?

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  1. Why?! O_O

    Deep Red: Diana and her owlets
    Red: New Plebeians
    Bright Blue: Community Volunteers/Tributes
    Gloomy Blue: Overworked Staffs
    Light Green: Plebeians
    Green: Donating Plebeians/Sugar Daddies
    Light Brown: Jared the Ultra Technician

    But this...


    Grey! What does it mean?
  2. Whoa, where's all these colors coming from? I can only see admin red, staff purple, volunteer blue, donator green, member cyran, and newbie brown. As for the greys, there's lurker light grey and inactive dark grey.
  3. https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/faq/w...of-the-color-of-user-names-here-on-iwaku.107/

    Administrators: The owners of Iwaku.
    Staff Members: People that help manage the site, provide content, and deal with issues.
    Community Volunteers: Volunteer members that help keep the forums tidy.
    Donators: Members that have recently donated money to Iwaku.
    Members: Active members.
    New Members: Brand new member.
    Lurker Members: Someone that has not posted on the forums in 30 days.
    Inactive Members: Someone that has not visited the site in 30 days.
    Banned Members: (Black Name) Banned members.
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  4. Thank you, fatal! I must've missed that in the FAQ. :P

    P.S: I think Diana should update the description to what I suggested. :rotfl:
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