Why do people write sex scenes?

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  1. This has been bothering me for a while. I've always wondered why people write smut.

    When I was going through puberty, I admit that I've written and read a fair amount of sex scenes. Though I don't remember why. I'm pretty sure it was for simple satisfaction, and not the type of satisfaction that comes from pleasuring yourself and the like.

    So I wonder. What exactly IS the point? Is it for character development? To sate your rampant hormones?
  2. There are a multitude of reasons people might write sex scenes, some of which you've already mentioned. Raging hormones, for the purpose of sexual gratification, for character development, simply because it's something that makes sense for the characters to do, because sex scenes entertain them in similar ways as how action scenes entertain others, etc.

    I have a counter question: why do people avoid writing sex scenes? What exactly is the point of fading to black? It's just sex, nothing wrong with it. You probably don't fade to black when two characters are about to get into a fight, even if you know it's going to be a gore-filled mess. You probably only skip over things that are boring, like travel and waiting and so forth, but sex is something that happens that can indeed be very important to characters. Why the strange avoidance of sex in roleplaying?
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    For me, it is all about living the lives of my characters, watching them grow, change, learn, etc. Sex scenes are a really, really good "life moment" to play out for high impact emotions and the development of a character's personality and relationships. You have the guilt/shame of one night stands, the true love expressions with a significant other, the hot and steamy unexpected chemistry, the awkward weird first times, the horror of being assaulted, the melancholy of a meaningless screw. Everytime a scene happens, the character becomes a different person!

    And well.... I just find it really fun. O____O Romance is my jam.
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  4. Wow, it makes sense now! What @Jorick said really made an impact on me. It's like violence, really. And Diana made me think as well.

    I was just worried that it was like porn... Or something.
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  5. I'm sure some people see it that way. And maybe that's why those people enjoy writing/RPing sex scenes.

    That doesn't mean that other people can't enjoy writing sex scenes for other reasons, though.
  6. Well, sometimes long drawn out sex scenes can detract from a story and slow down the pacing. It depends on just how important the sex scene is. If it's for the purposes of character development, then staying with it longer might be called for. But if the story itself isn't written for the purpose of gratification and such, and there's not really a whole lot there that advances the characterization or the plot, then a sex scene can be mostly skipped over.

    Sometimes, we do have to allow our characters their privacy. We don't give out detailed descriptions every time they go to the bathroom, after all.
  7. Same goes for every other action and scene. If it's drawn out for longer than it really should go, then it will have a negative impact on the story and pacing. If it doesn't do anything for the plot or characterization, then it's not worth showing. Privacy is irrelevant for fictional characters. All actions are potentially equal for the sake of impacting plot and character, and any that don't help those things should be avoided. Sex, fighting, an argument between characters, getting dressed in the morning, eating breakfast, commuting to or from work, doing things at work, browsing the internet, reading a book, etc. The same rules apply to them all in my book. Sex is not some special category of action for characters in a fictional work, it's just right in there with every other possible action, and that was what I was getting at by comparing sex and fighting.
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  8. Though I'm not saying it's a good reason, the reason I don't write sex scenes is simply because of my relationship.

    I'm not saying my missus would kick off or even care but I try and put myself in her shoes and if I looked over to her pc and saw her writing a sex scene however innocent the motive I think I would be uncomfortable with it and for that reason i don't think it's fair for me to do it.

    I can see sex scenes have a place but personally I leave them well alone.
  9. Nah, that's a perfectly fine reason. My explanation about how writing sex scenes in roleplaying and fiction ought to be view is, admittedly, a rather idealistic one. Even knowing the points I've made, plenty of people will still feel totally uncomfortable with them or think people who write them are deviants or so on. If it might impact your actual life, then avoiding it makes complete sense. Better to be realistic about how things are perceived than to run through life blindly as an idealist and then get blindsided by negative reactions.
  10. Indeed. Though for me, I see it more as a character development point. Of course, there's quite a bit you can do with a "sex scene" even if you do Fade To Black for the actual "event." I wrote an RP scene with another player some time back (on another site) that involved our characters becoming Intimate... due to forum rules, had no choice but FTB, so the scene involved the whole enter room, undress, etc. stuff... the dialog and interaction of our characters "before" and "after" the actual Act.

    Personally, I like to avoid the "gory details"... FTB, and let the reader imagine what went on, everything else written to set up the reader's imagination. Let them fill in the blanks. Like in other parts of story-writing, it's always best to conserve detail, to let your reader take part in the action of writing the story in their own minds, where the writer simply drops hints... wink wink, nudge nudge. More fun that way, I think.
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  11. Actually, nobody goes to the bathroom (for toiletry use anyway) because conservation of detail means sacrificing ancillary life details for timely plot details. There are, however, several recorded instances in television and novels of characters going to bathrooms to wash themselves (for fan service or subtle storytelling metaphors), or as a place of inner reflection (ex: staring in the mirror). So, actually... Sometimes, we do give detailed accounts of bathroom use. Just... Not for toiletries. Because that's not really interesting. :ferret:
  12. Unless it's an alien critter... adds to "character" development. :alien:

    Hey, some people sing in the shower. Some people read while "in there."
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  13. Now while I feel it'd be a stretch to call roleplaying literature, the thing is literature is a form of art and art seeks to explore the human condition. Sex is an integral part of the human condition, therefore worth both experiencing and exploring. I personally avoid roleplaying sex scenes, but it's a perfectly fine subject to RP about.
  14. ... so long as it isn't ALL you RP about.
  15. That kind of goes for everything.
  16. Indeed it does!
  17. I'm jumping into this thread a little bit late, it seems!

    Certainly there are people who write or read sex scenes as masturbatory fuel, but I, like Diana, enjoy the emotional and connective aspect of two characters going through that experience.

    Much like other types of occurrences during an adventure can change a person, or tell a lot about them, so too does the sex!

    Not to mention, I just find smut really really fun to write.
  18. This is how I like to look at it... it's how I play it with my characters. Heh... Thoee and Deen definitely enjoy the emotional and "connective" aspects of sex.