Why do people DO THIS?!

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  1. Ok, we all know what it's like not to have a way to express what our characters look like. It's frustrating. It's horrible. We could know exactly what we want them to look like, but at the same time, have a hard time conveying that mental image.

    What you DON'T do, is use SOMEONE ELSE'S art, get on paint or something like that, repaint some areas and then say "THIS IS MY CHARACTER". Reason why I'm against it? No one EVER sources the original creator, or say that it isn't theirs.

    In some cases, it's ok. But in others, like the one below, takes it WAY too far.


    Anyone can tell it's ACTUALLY Sakura from Naruto, with cruddy repainted hair.

    Buuuuut, sometimes they get a little better, don't change quite as much.

    It's sometimes a little harder to tell. But they still don't credit the original work. They'll keep the changes to only a certain trait, like focusing on the eye color. Usually the rule of thumb in this case, is that usually when changed, the new eyecolor may seem a little off. Too bright, or too dark, or they carelessly paint over the bright shine on the pupils. Sometimes, it almost close to perfect, unless you've seen the original pic.

    Look at the difference between these two



    Look closely at the second one. The eyes are UNIFORMLY grey, with NO change in any area. No shading.

    I dunno, that just pisses me off..... and so does tracing when someone doesn't say it was traced.





    What are YOUR thoughts?
  2. It's one of those things that you cannot really stop on the intertoobs. Sometimes it is impossible to find the original source artist, especailly if it was found on some image sharing site. In the case of actually drawing and designing characters for visual arts like comics and animus, then proclaiming a clearly copied character then that makes matters a little more dicey, philosophically speaking. It'll also depend on how skilled a person is with programs like Photoshop. Half the time, I'll agree most people only focus one or two minor changes.
  3. God damn weeaboos.

    Then again, most the people who do that aren't older than 15 so it's not like they have lots of artistic skills anyway.
  4. Good points, Rory and Darky
  5. And they just use MS Paint~ Cuz MS Paint is the weaboo version of photoshop. :D
  6. I don't think I've ever done that or even used a picture that had that done to. I just pull one I like from online galleries. Sure I don't credit them but it isn't like I'm writing for a publisher. But if you alter it yeah I guess credit does need to be given out.
  7. Whether or not it was credited or not, it's still wrong and unartistic - Even if you get all artsy fartsy about it. It's a direct rip-off of someone's idea and immoral.

    Being commissioned to draw an obvious caricature is on the borderline. Say... all those fanfags drawing Tite Kubo's characters over and over again. There gets to a point where it's just offensive. On the other hand, I've drawn other people's characters for practice - and that's different too. But using someone's picture without their permission and tweaking it should be a lawsuit-able.
  8. Not to be a dork but so long as they are using the character for non-profitable activities they are allowed to use it..........so kinda balls on all "they shouldn't be allowed to do this" arguements.
  9. Just the fact that they use MS Paint is enough to make me RAGE.

    I guess I wouldn't mind so much if they admit that they're just editing images crafted by other, infinitely more talented artists to give an idea of what their character looks like. It's the ones who try to pass off edits and shameless tracings as 'ORGINEL LOL' that also make me RAGE.

    Sad truth is, a lot of DeviantArt members are guilty of this.
  10. Lulz, Nick Simmons should know Bleach sucks and shouldn't be copying it.
  11. Oh my gosh, Psy led me to a Dev artist who OBVIOUSLY traces her art....

    I.... kinda lost it. So I criticized the crap out of her mistakes and tacked on "I really like it though" at the end. Psy can confirm, she blocked me from commenting on her profile, or art, and she retorted that she had never been told a bad thing about her art.


    Wish I said that the faces were too long...


    She was drawing horses....
  12. Oh snap. I'd lulz if anyone actually copied my artz, mostly because it's not that good.
  13. Um yeah I know you said most but when I was 15 I had lots of artistic ability took me a while but I could finally draw my own characters.

    Anyway my thoughts... Hmm well I can't say that I was any different not the fact that I don’t credit the artists more the fact that I used to draw to a reference like example I want to try and draw Okami without using any pictures but first I need to familiarize my self to the character so I kind of need them for now. Once I actually get used to drawing her then I can move on and see if I can draw her with out it.
  14. All you needed to say was something along the lines of 'TRACING'S NOT ART, YA DUMB BITCH' and it would have done the job, TK. Good job for criticising the DevianTart, though; some people need to learn about this wonderful thing called constructive criticism.

    It's, like, how you improve your artwork? Y'know, by having the flaws pointed out so you don't make the same mistakes? No?
  15. All of my stuff on Deviantard are military photos solely for that reason.

    The thing TK brought up reminded me of something I saw on Youtube about some young lass "recoloring" some Tokyo MewMew scene and getting all butthurt and saying it was an original idea. I didn't see any sort of recoloring involved...God bless Youtube.
  16. You're worse than her for recognizing something from an anime called Tokyo Mew Mew.

    No silly, it's by getting lots of faves!

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  17. Darky, I wuv you.

    I hate recolorers and Tracers. Those are worse than n00bs to me. I hate them. I DESPISE THEM.




  18. LINKS!
  19. http://black-heart-alliance.deviantart.com/art/Sex-on-Fire-141604119?offset=50#comments

    Third page of comments, there's a hidden comment, that was mine. These two comments from her were in response to me:

    =Black-Heart-Alliance Nov 17, 2009, 10:12:10 PM Thank you, but as with all my work, it comes as it is. I am proud of everything just the way it is. But again, thank you for your advice.

    Don't mess with a Black Heart.

    =Black-Heart-Alliance Nov 17, 2009, 10:22:45 PM Also, I didn't ask you for your opinion. So next time keep it to yourself! I haven't had one complaint about my work what so ever. So I don't need yours.

    Perhaps instead of putting down every damn thing that's wrong, maybe you should look at the good in the picture.

    Don't mess with a Black Heart.
    "When you find you've fallen, trust me, you have."
    -Briana M.

    "When you find you've fallen, trust me, you have."
    -Briana M.