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  1. A girl(Me. Will write as G from now on) and a boy(will wrote as B from now on) used to be very close friends through out all of daycare - 3rd grade. They did gymnastics together where B's father taught. Then they went to gymnastics camp together the summer of their third grade year. When they got back G disappeared for the rest of summer strangest of all when school starts up she stopped talking or even looking at B and quits gymnastics.
    This goes on into high school. B is kind of a *nerd and has no girls for friends. G is a loner. B decides to ask G to a school dance despite having not talked to her since 3rd Grade.
    G wont talk to him so B tries to figure out what went wrong....

    Why G left:
    Only read if you want to know why G left before we start (open)
    B's father(Who ran both the gymnastics camp and the gymnastics lessons) molested G for a while and finally he raped her at the camp so she quit. She quit because she was afraid of being near B's father, but she felt to guilty and ashamed to tell B what happened so she just stopped talking to him.

    Full Name: Tyler Maria Jackson

    Nickname(s): Ty, T.J

    Age: 17

    Birthday: 5th April 1998

    Ty is average height with creamy skin. He's fairly well built from playing basketball, doing cross country and taking part in gymnastics. He has short hair that's windswept and a chestnut colour, his eyes are hazel. Tyler has muscular legs and they are fairly long too, they make up most of his height. He has slightly pudgy cheeks and he also has a dimple.
    He has a scar on his hip that stretches up and ends just under his belly button. He also has a scar on his back that stretches from the small off his back to his shoulder blade. He got these in a car accident.

    Height: 5'6"

    Weight: 105

    Style: Tyler isn't all that picky, but he likes to wear trainers and baggy jeans. He also has a lip ring that he always wears unless he's taking part in gymnastics. He really likes wearing beanies and snap backs too.

    Tyler is a very friendly person, while he isn't the most talkative and can get shy very easily he is great at listening to others and is very supporting. Normally it takes a lot to get him angry enough to become violent but if you threaten his family or friends he won't hesitate to swing a few punches.

    Hobbies: Ty loves to draw, he also really likes to take pictures and skateboard. He also likes to sing when he's alone, the only people who have actually ever heard him sing are his younger siblings as he often sings them to sleep. Along with this he loves music and plays the guitar.

    Talents: He's really good at drawing. And while he won't admit it he's an amazing singer and has a powerful voice, though not very many people have heard it.

    Flaws: He's too shy at times, and this often makes it hard to do stuff in front of large groups of people. He also suffers from insomnia and doesn't get much sleep.

    Pets?: He has a German Sheppard that has black fur and brown eyes, he's called Chase. He also has two spiders, a female T. Blondie which he named GiGi and a male Jumping Spider named Jo.

    Piercings/tattoos?: He has his left ear pierced in two places, and he also has his lip ring. He has a yin-yang symbol on his right wrist and his mother's name on his hip.

    Quick Bio: Ty was born into a broken family, his father never wanted children and his mother was being abused. He grew up ignoring his father and helping his mother, who got pregnant again but with twins. When they were born due to difficulties his mother died, so he was left with his abusive father who worked at the gymnastics club.

    A few months after Ty's 15th birthday his father committed suicide and so Tyler had to move in with his Auntie, who they call Dee.


    Joseph Jackson-deceased-

    Mother: Carol Jackson-deceased

    Siblings: Chris and Charlie Jackson-alive

    Chris and Charlie and both female and are non identical twins, Chris has shoulder length black hair and hazel eyes while Charlie has long chestnut hair that is normally in a plait, she also has hazel eyes. They're both 12.

    Auntie: Deanna Howell-Alive (34) Dean has pale skin and hair styled in a bob, it's a platinum blonde colour. She's also fairly short with a kind smile.


    Full Name: Theadora Valentina Athanasiadis

    Thea, Val
    When she was Little- Teddi, Teddi Bear, Bear (She refuses to respond to any of those nicknames anymore)

    Age: 16

    Birthday: 3 August 1999

    Looks: Thea is a small girl. She is of Mediteranean descent and has lightly bronzed skin tone. She is a little paler than the rest of her family because she is anemic.
    Thea has very dark brown eyes that are shaped like fat almonds and are surrounded by normal eye lashes.
    Her hair looks black during the winter but when it is summer you can tell it's just a very dark brown in the sun. Her hair is between wavy and curly and is fairly long though she keeps in a braid and even under a baseball cap sometimes.
    Thea has slightly broad shoulders (Like a swimmer). She has a nice body, but isn't that noticeably curvy or really that noticeable in school.
    Thea has a scar on her chest from having open-heart surgery as a child and she has some scarring on her from her left ankle most of the way up her thigh. She was in 2nd grade. She and her friend were riding skateboards(she was sitting on hers and her friend would give her a push). Thea hit a rock and she swerved and skidded down the hill on her side. She had to go to the hospital but still has found memories of that day oddly enough.

    Height: 5'0"

    Weight: 89-91

    Style: She most commonly wears jeans, a plain t-shirts or some kind of button up, and her old set of dingy red converse sneakers she's had for years. She oddly enough tends to wear boxers also

    Personality: Thea is a wallflower. She's a quiet unassuming girl who is very shy. She felt anxious about talking to people and making friends even before the incident at gymnastics camp.
    After she stopped hanging out with her friend she became even more quiet and shy. Her friend had always been the person who made her try socialize and who always made her feel safe and comfortable talking around.
    Thea is average intelligence, she doesn't like school because all the people make her nervous.
    Thea is kind of daredevil though if she isn't around people. It's the being around people that makes her nervous.

    Hobbies: She works at a bakery and loves biking(though she doesn't have a bike right now)

    Talents: Baking, she's very good with her little sister and brothers.

    Flaws: She gets extremely anxious during social inter-action, she will never speak up and stand up for herself. Due to her mother's lack of success with men Thea is very nervous about being in any sort of relationship with one for fear of being hurt.

    Pets?: None

    Piercings/Tattoos?: She has her ears pierced that's it.

    Quick Bio: Thea grew up in the inner city or a large city. She goes to a less then amazing high school where there tends to be a lot of violence and the police are called on a regular basis.
    Thea's moved around a lot due to her mother having trouble securing a job and for various other reasons. They currently live in a very small apartment with two bedrooms and one bathroom. The boys get one bedroom and Thea's mom gets the other though the girls keep their clothes in their mom's closet. The girls sleep in the living room right now.


    Thea's father is gone. Her mother had her very young and he left before Thea was born(They lived Thea's grandparents at the time because Valentina was still a minor, but they no longer live with them).
    The twins and Nyke have the same father that their mom was in an on and off again relationship until he left them for good when the twins were 2(He was arrested for domestic violence and though he was released he disappeared after that)
    Petra's father was a one night stand.

    Mother: Valentina Lark Athanasiadis(33). She is a smaller lady around 5'2". Like her daughter she is slightly broad in the shoulders like a swimmer. She has slightly darker skin than her children and has pitch black hair. Her hair is very long but she keeps it up most of the time. She has dark brown eyes. Valentina is of Mediteranean descent. She has normal facial features.

    Nyke(Ny-Key) Corban (10). Nyke is a little under average height for his age. He thin in a lanky sort of way. His hands and feet are a touch on the large side but he's still growing.
    His hair is black and curly. He keeps it short on the side but a bit thicker on top to show off his curls. His skin is the same color as the rest of his family's. His eyes are a very dark blue.

    Kadri Saladin & Cadoc Gabriel (7). The boys are identical twins. They have the same skin and hair as the rest of the family. Both boys have dark green eyes. They are healthy strong boys, slightly small in stature but they're growing quickly. Their hair is curly like their older brother.

    Petra Lark (4). Petra is like Thea a small girl. She still has a bright innocence too her. Her face is round and she has a button nose and little ears. Her eyes are a sparkling brown with flecks of gold and amber in them. She has long black hair that her older sister will braid it for her.
    Petra is deaf and though she does have hearing aides her speech is pretty rough

    Extra (no find outs): Thea was shaken when she was a baby.
    She is a little slower due to the shaking though according to doctors she turned out reletively normal.
    She sometimes bring Petra to school with her because they don't have a daycare and Petra isn't in school yet.
    Thea sometimes steals her mother's cigarettes and smokes if she's really stressed.

    Thea shoved a ziplock bag into her backpack. The school offered free lunches, but the program only had a certain amount of spots and Thea hadn't made the list this time. She had scraped together a bagged lunch today because Petra was with her. The boys came out of their room ready to leave for school.
    Kadri and Cadoc got free lunches at their school, but Nyke didn't so she handed him a ziplock bag with a peanut butter and fluff sandwich in it and nothing else.
    Their mom was already at work so Thea was in charge of making sure the kids got to school.
    "What's for breakfast?" Kadri asked. Thea sighed and opened the fridge, she poured everyone a glass of milk,
    "Drink up." she said apologetically.
    "Tummy hur's!" Petra complained,
    "I know, Petey, I know. I'll try and go shopping after school today OK?" Thea promised.
    The kids walked out of their tiny apartment and Thea locked up and they went down to the street. Thea held Petra's hand tightly as they walked. She had to make sure the boys got to school safe before she went to her school.
    The walk was pretty long which is why they had to leave earlier than most kids would. It was cool oout this morning, but it'd warm up quickly. Thea wore a set of slightly baggy and torn jeans and a gray t-shirt that had a bunch of black butterfiies on the left side starting at the hip. It was a girl's t-shirts so it didn't have much shape to it and was obviously rather old. It was a little tight around her shoulders because she was broader than most girls but wasn't tight anywhere else.
    Thea dropped her brothers off and then started to walk towards the high school holding Petra's hand gently yet firmly in her own.
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  2. Tyler paced around his room, having already dressed and showered. He hadn't slept last night, at all. Charlie kept having nightmares and then his insomnia had kicked in, so now he was just waiting for his alarm to go off so he could wake up his siblings and get his Aunt some coffee.

    As if it knew he was thinking about it his alarm suddenly let out a shrill ringing sound that almost instantly made his head ache, he darted across his room to shut it off, sighing before walking out of his room to wake up his sisters.

    "Charlie, Chris, come on you gotta get up, school." Both girls let out annoyed groans before climbing out of their beds and trudging over to Tyler, hugging him like they did every morning and night, he chuckled and hugged the girls back, "Okay, I'll make breakfast right now if you get dressed, waffles sound good?"

    That seemed to wake them up as both girls nodded quickly and rushed to start getting ready, the sight made Tyler smile as he made his way to wake up Deanna.

    A few minutes laters and Charlie and Chris were both ready for school and had finished their breakfast and Kyle had his lunch made and packed. Luckily his two sisters had gotten onto the schools free dinners list so he didn't need to worry about them.

    With a sigh he left his home, Charlie and Chris right behind him, he was lucky enough to live on the same street as their school, so he let his younger sisters bolt forward and vanishing into the crowd, both giving him a smile before they rushed off to class.

    Then he began on his way to school.
  3. Thea entered the school she chewed on her lip nervously as she made her way through the crowd of teenagers to her locker. She had shop class first so she grabbed the books she needed and scooped up Petra in her arms. The high school was practically an alternative school even though it wasn't labeled so. There was a lot of focus on trade training and barely any college prep or honors type classes.
    Thea went to the 'classroom' which was carpentry at the moment. Thea always tried to get there early so she could find a station where she could have Petra sit somewhere safe while class went on. Thea wasn't sure how the teachers felt about Petra being there, but she brought her anyway. The Gym Teacher/ Coach always let the littlest Athanasaidis participate in the class even though she couldn't do a lot of the activities very well. The Coach would call her 'his little assistant' and have her help him lead gym.
    Thea set Petra down in the corner and opening her bag up pulled out her books.
    "Petey, you have some toys and stuff in here, remember play quietly." she told her baby sister as she stood up and went to the nearest station.
  4. ((Alright, Jesus this took awhile))

    Tyler entered the school and was approached by Josh and Jay, who both started walking next to him and talking loudly about Prom. Apparently Josh had managed to get Britney Quill to agree to go with him, much to his own delight. Their group was odd, Josh was the loud obnoxious jock, Jay was the class clown that loved to play jokes on others, and Tyler was the silent, smart dude. Funny how three people with nothing in common can be so similar.

    All three ended up splitting up for first lesson, Jay had art, Josh had gym and Tyler had shop class. So the 'three musketeers' split up and each went to their separate classrooms. Tyler was one of the last to arrived and faintly caught Thea's eyes before ducking his head and finding a free station to work at. At first he tried talking to her, but now he just avoided her.

    I mean, she ignored him, so why should he keep trying?


    Lunch rolled around slowly and Ty found himself being pestered by Josh about asking somebody to Prom, he didn't really want to go, and if he did then he was probably going to go by himself.

    "Fine! I'll ask somebody to Prom, now will you leave me alone?"

    Jay shook his head before throwing a paper ball at the back of somebody's head, "Dude, it's Josh, when does he leave anybody alone?"

  5. Thea enjoyed shop class. She hadn't seen Tyler because she's been focused on Petra and on the wood carving they were learning.
    Thea hated most school being around so many people triggered he anxiety and made her feel stressed and on edge. If she had to talk to people she felt worse like her airway was closing and her head would start to pound.
    The next classes math and English dragged on until it was finally lunch time. Not that lunch was amazing for her she had one and a half peanut butter and fluff sandwiches between the both of them. Thea had used the last of the bread, peanut butter, and fluff this morning trying to make lunch.
    The teen found a spot near a window and sat down. She pulled out the ziplock bag and handed her little sister the full sandwich,
    "Eat all you want, Petey." She told her sister as she slowly started to eat the half sandwich she went and got some water glasses which were free and then say quietly by her sister. Thea didn't interact at all with people at school of she could help it. She just stayed quiet and hoped no one talked to her or called in her in class.
  6. "Hey, why don't you ask that chick you were friends with?" Josh said suddenly, causing Tyler to almost choke on his sandwich. Once he had composed himself he loked at his friend like he was nuts.

    "Are you insane?! We haven't talked in years, plus, she hates me. She would never say yes..." He dropped his gaze to the table, "no matter how much I want her too..."

    Jay frowned and patted Ty on the back, "Cheer up buddy, I'm sure she'll say yes. If you care about her as much as you, obviously, do, then I reckon asking her to prom is for the best."

    Tyler sighed, looking up towards Theo, the girl who had stopped talking to him all those years ago, he muttered a soft, "Fine." Before standing up and slowly making his way towards her. Coming to a stop next to her.

    Tyler opened his mouth to speak but quickly shut it and swallowed, scuffing his feet against the ground, "Uh.. I uh..." He took a deep breath, slowly looking back up, "I was... Wondering if, maybe, you might possibly want to go... To prom with me..." His voice got lower and lower towards the end of his sentence.

    She's gonna say no, she's gonna say no...

    Tyler flinched at his own thoughts and dropped his gaze back to the floor. God he felt so pathetic.
  7. Thea looked up. She frowned, it was Tyler, she hadn't talked to him in years why was he asking her to prom. She wanted to run, to just leave, panic was rising in her stomach. The teenager put her sandwich down on the napkin and swallowed her throat felt tight. She couldn't just ditch, not while she was in charge of Petra. Thea glanced over at her baby sister who was happily munching on her Fluffernutter and looking around. Petra looked at the stranger, she'd never met Tyler, and waved before going back to eating.
    Thea shook her head in answer to his question, not even able to make herself talk. There were so many emotions connected with her friend...or former friend. She felt suddenly like she was sweating and suffocating even though it wasn't hot in here.
    Petra however seemed very happy where she was.
    "Hi...Petey." she said to Tyler pointing to herself. Her speech extremely thick and garbled, most people didn't understand her, but Thea did. Thea wrapped her sandwich up, she needed to get out of here before her overly friendly toddler-companion tried to strike up conversation thus forcing her to translate and speak to Tyler,
    "Petey, come on..." she said standing up and shoving stuff in her bag, she had her next period soon anyway. "Eat and walk." she told the little girl taking her little sister's hand and putting the sandwich in the small child's free hand.
  8. Tyler sent the younger girl, Petey, a small strained smile in reaponse to her wave. But his fake smile dropped right off his face when Thea shook her head.

    Of course she was going to say no, what was I thinking?

    Tyler nodded slowly and turned around to walk off quickly, leaving the dinner hall through another set of doors. He felt like everybody was staring at him, judging him. When in reality the only people who had looked at were Josh and Jay, the two boys gave each other confused looks before leaving the hall to head off to class. The best way for Tyler to cool down was by himself.

    Ty ended up completely skipping school, leaving by rushing across the field and slipping through a gap in the gate. He began to trudge off, his hands shoved in his pockets while he kicked absentmindedly at stray rocks that he crossed. He briefly thought of going home, but the idea of Dee being there made him tense up and continue wandering.

    "Why am I so upset about this. I knew she was gonna say no, it was almost bound to happen. We haven't talked in years... But... But, why? Why haven't we talked in years?" He stooped under the shade of a tall, old tree.

    "What did I do wrong...?"
  9. "Bye bye!" Petey called to Ty as he walked out. Thea breathed a soft sigh of relief as she too left and took Petey to the bathroom to wash up.
    The teenaged girl went through the rest of the school day in a fog. She didn't really listen or learn much, it was confusing him actually talking to her afte so long. She wished he hadn't. She wished he'd just left well enough alone and hadn't messed with the silence between them. It'd hurt less if he hadn't. What his father had done was always in her mind and plaguing her dreams, but Ty had made the memories even stronger.
    Thea held Petey in her arms as she walked home. She had to be at wok in an hour and a half and make sure the boys were home.
    Thea hoped her mother would be home so she didn't have to choose to take the kids or leave them home alone. Nyke was a mature boy, but she was worried they'd get in trouble and the little ones would be taken away if they left the 10 year old in charge and somebody found out. They'd done it before and it was fine, but it never ceased to make Thea even more anxious then she already was normally.
    Thea passed the twins school and picked them up heading to the middle school to pick Nyke up. Nyke was almost 11 and very smart. He'd just started at the middle school at the beginning of the semester.
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  10. Tyler sat in the park for awhile before pulling himself to his feet and starting his walk to his sisters' school. Charlie and Chris spotted him straight away when he walked to his normal spot to pick them up, both came running over and hugged him, making the teen smile and ruffle there hair before starting to walk.

    The sisters were chatting happily, telling Ty about their day, anything shocking that had happened, along with other things. Charlie was complaining about a French test they had coming up, Chris wasn't happy with her Science grade and was begging Ty to help tutor her. Which after a moment of disagreeing he agreed to help do, who could say no to his sister's puppy dog eyes.

    They showed up at home and Ty instantly got to work on making the girls something to eat while they sat and played in the living room.
  11. Thea saw Tyler leaving with his siblings and purposefully ducked her head when they walked by her. Nyke came out coin after that and they headed home. She entered the house and sat Petra down. Her mother wasn't home but had left a note with some small bills for dinner. Thea counted them out pressing her lips tightly together, it wasn't much...definently not her mother's full paycheck. She was probably at the bar or something now though.
    "Nyke, come here." She called. The young boy hurried over.
    "I'm gonna take you guys to work...by some dinner with this money here ok?" Thea explained softly. Nyke nodded.
    "I have to meet with some girl from school to do a group project. We're doing it at the library. She's like 12 or something...they're trying to get older kids to assist teaching you her ones or some dumb s*** like that." The boy explained. Thea smacked the back of head.
    "Clean up your language. And when are you meeting the girl? What's her name?" Thea asked running her hands through her hair tiredly. Planning for all this stuff was exhausting she wished her mother actually helped out with the parenting sometimes.
    "We meet at like...6:00 or 6:30. I think her name begins with CH." Nyke explained.
    "For being a smart kid your and idiot sometimes...." Thea muttered under her breath. "Ok take the twins and Petey with you I'll pick you up after work on my way to the grocery store. " Thea said. She glanced at the time.
    "Let's go." She called as she scooped Petey up and headed out to the bakery with her little siblings trailing her.
  12. Tyler glanced over his shoulder when Charlie skipped into the kitchen, her long brown hair bouncing with her movements, "Hey Ty, I need to go to the library at 6:30, it's for a group project." The older teen nodded and hummed.

    "Alright, who's it with?" He asked before passing his sister a ham sandwich, she began eating it straight away.

    "I think his name was... Nyke? I think that was it, he has a cool name though." She walked back into the living room, Tyler nodded.

    "Yeah, cool name. Can I tryst you to go to the library by yourself?" He asked, in which she nodded in return, "alright, I need to head out. Dee will be home soon, don't get in trouble alright? Love you two." He placed a kiss on both of the girls' foreheads before leaving the house, shrugging on a hoodie as he left.

    Charlie ran upstairs to get ready for the group meet up, humming softly as she did.
  13. Thea entered the bakery. She put Petey down and handed Nyke the cash,
    "But some dinner here, tell me before you leave for the library." she told him. She sighed and adjusted her hair again, "Oh and if I'm not there by 8 just go home...I may have to work late." she added. She trusted Nyke to use common sense...OK not common sense, but at least be able to protect his little siblings and not do anything extremely dangerous.
    Thea went behind the counter, put her hair net and apron on, clocked in and started to work. Thea was usually in the back making the bread though sometimes she was forced to be up front and man the register.
    At 5:55 Nyke came up to the counter where Thea was arranging pastries in the display.
    "Gonna go now, sis." he said.
    "You'll be late if the meeting was at 6." Thea softly said shaking her head. Nyke shrugged, he turned and grabbing Petey's hand and signalling his two brothers they left and headed to the library. Thea went back to kneading dough in the back, she was making bread that would rise overnight and be baked early tomorrow morning. There was also fresh bread she was about to take out of the oven. The bakery was small, only had four workers at the most and today it was just Thea and a man named George, he went by Geo. Geo was a nice guy, though he had some mental handicaps which meant if anyone bought anything Thea would have to run the cash register until Freddie, the owner's daughter came in at 6:30.
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  14. Ty trudged towards a small corner shop he had recently gotten a job at, entering and hearing the little bell ding before he took his place at the register. Not many people came in so he mostly just got to sit and do nothing, earn money fir doing nothing? Awesome.

    Charlie changed in some jeans and a black t-shirt, she set off at 6, waving goodbye to Chris, and ran to the library. She got there ten minutes early and looked around, fiddling with her shirt before slowly making her way to an empty table. Now that she thought about it, she had no idea what her partner looked like.

    Charlie began to twirl a strand of hair as she bit her bottom lip, scanning the library.
  15. Nyke walked into the library at 6:15. As soon as he walked in he had to take Petey to the bathroom he told the boys to do what they wanted, but they had to not be total dumbos he told them. He came out at 6:20 and looked around, going to the children's section he grabbed a board book for Petey and then looked to see if his partner was there.
    Nyke was wearing a set of camo pants, a black short sleeved Henley shirt, ratty sneakers, and a black ball cap that had the Batman symbol on it in Joker colours and said 'hahahaha' in the symbol. He wore his cap forwards right now, though it was tipped up on the back of his head. It was his favorite cap because his grandfather had given it too him as a 'good job' gift after taking a baseball bat to his violent father one night.
    The young boy noticed someone sitting at a table, she looked like she was from school, he walked over his ratty sneaker soles flapping slightly.
    "Ey I'm Nyke.." he said trying to remember what her name was supposed to be...it had been a boys' name, "You Chuck?" he asked as he lifted Petey up to sit at the table and gave her his board book. Nyke was a tough guy, but he had a soft spot for his baby sister and it showed by how well he'd tale care of her.
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