Why did You give your Iwaku Blog, its title?

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Simple question for ya'll. Why did you give your blog on this site the title that you have given it?

Mine was taken from parts of this song, sung by Peggy Lee. I happen to like jazz...So there~
"Controlled Chaos"

It's an oxymoron and so am I. XD I thought it was very fitting for the title of my Iwaku Blog.

My actualy person off-site blog is called "Perfect Self". At the time I started it, my theme song was Stereomud's Perfect Self. Kinda dark, dreary and emo... but now it's more of a representation of that "perfect self" I am always trying to achieve, but never quite reaching. .__.;
Hidden Reflection is my forum blog name since my MoonWing days. A diary is a defection of yourself, your life, that you often don't show to the world. Granted it's a public blog, but it is a chance for me to be self centered, something I try not to be in the rest of my life.
Character Storage. Because I am slow and just recently discovered that blogs are a great way to store characters and NPCs and cause that is all I use it for.
I call my Category Chronicle because of how central it was the the Embera plot and since I had a part in making it. I kinda tried to make it sound like the newspaper that Zeldin would get.
...wait, what is my blog called again?

Ah, yes xox STARSHINE xox

"starshine" is a shortened version of my self-acclaimed title : starlitxsunshine.

see, sunshine is wonderful! and it gives me so much hope! butbut stars are so mysterious and stunning, too!
so this is kind of merging the two into total spectacularness! ;]
[Insert Creative Blog Title Here]

I couldn't think of anything artistic or flowery to name it so I went with that. *shrug*

Well, uh. I really liked Iron Man II. And now I regret it because it's not very clever.

edit: Now it's Rory Farted.

Y'know, I honestly can't remember why I called it this; I think I may have been drunk.
Cynical with a hint of ethanol
It was meant to describe me (not very cheerfully, I suppose) as well as my thoughts that I at one point intended to put in the blog.
It's a lovely amalgamation of drunken thoughts and cynicism.
"We can plant a house, we can build a tree" are lyrics from a Nirvana song called Breed. My blog title is Plant a House, Build a Tree

I love that song and that band dearly, so I took one of my favourite lines to be my blog's name. It holds several different meanings to me. Plus, it's an absurd phrase. Perfect for someone crazy like myself. :P