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Why did you choose the avatar you are using?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Shade_XY, May 28, 2015.

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  1. I am curious about this. In my head, some use that avatar picture because they like the picture. Some is just too lazy or doesn't take avatar seriously to have a new avatar. Some have a deep meaning behind their avatar picture. What is your reason?

    I choose my rainbowy lemon lime avatar picture because at that time I chose my avatar, I felt peaceful and I wanted peace for all the world. Also I like sour drinks. Now I want a new avatar but is to lazy find a new picture to depict my feelings at the moment. :P Because of this avatar picture, some assumed that I am a girl even though my name is Shade_XY. XD
  2. It came to my attention that the internet contains a surprising number of gifs of Paul McCartney winking.




    I decided to make use of that abundance.

    Oh and I'm also kind of a huge Beatles fan, in case you hadn't figured that out yet. That also might've played into my choice of avatar.

    BUT LIKE Paul isn't even my favorite Beatle or anything. I just really like his wink for some reason.

    Also this entire post may or may not become meaningless very soon as I've been debating getting an MLP set (or at least an avatar), thanks to a surplus of facial expressions that I really liked in the episodes I've seen so far of the in-progress season 5.
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  3. To describe mine I'll have to describe the three different parts to it.

    The Sun: A nod to the Church of Gonzi meme. One that still holds strong in Iwaku Skype culture to this day, including some places on the forums.

    The Wooper: I just added him in one time because I felt my Avatar's were getting too "General! Battle! War!" themed, and needed something to remind people it was a joke and I was still a fun and silly guy. Wooper get's it across perfectly.

    The Commissar: From a funny Skype incident just hours ago. Our group hit the member threshold where to host voice calls we need to start creating smaller groups for those active at that specific time/moment. So I was looking over the group list, and noticed one name specifically that had been there since day 1, but never really posted anything other than specifically mentioned over a month ago. So I removed that person to help lower the number to a voice call number, and instantly some of the people reacted like "What's going on?". We found the instant reaction funny, and I personally related it to the Imperial Guard's ability of killing a conscript to motivate the others. Only in this case it was kicking a member to promote more activity.

    +The Gas Mask one was because beforehand my Avatar always included the John Simm Master, and I felt it needed *some* Doctor Who nod. So I picked the Gas Mask, Whoovains should get what the reference is.
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  4. I change my avatar a lot, current one is because I never realized how much of a badass Yumemi Okazaki(character's name of my avatar) actually is in the universe she is part of, and I like her theme.
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  5. My first one was a one-of-a-kind glyph made just for me by an old guild leader in WoW. They had a backstory for it about what kind of person I was. Something close along the lines of "No matter the audience and no matter the place, you sing with all your heart, as loud or as quietly as you need to". It was all spiritual to them and sentimental to me.

    It's kinda big. (open)

    Now it's Acrid from Risk of Rain. Though not my favorite Class/Character he definitely has an appeal.
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  6. I found my avatar on Tumblr and fell in love with the picture. I dunno, I had bad thoughts when I found it, and the pic just really connected with me. It's hard to explain. Oh, plus I love dressing in suits so yeah, there's that also.

    Anyway, it's my avatar for almost everything now. However, I did add my own little twist to the picture (the greenish tint and the name) just to make it mine. I don't plan on changing it anytime soon because I just like it that much.
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  7. My current one (that of JC Denton going :O) is because I really like the Deus Ex series of games.

    Yes, I even kinda/sorta like Invisible war. Kinda. Definitely hate the Fall, though. Fuck that.
  8. It's a shame that he's the worst Beatle, though. I mean, you could have done better. *cough cough*

    Glad you're changing it.... but MLP...

    I also am totally partially kidding.
  9. I went about a year changing to a different cute owl art picture every month, and then I found this gif. O__O It is a beautiful owl in the snow, two things I love. Serene and lovely. So it's been like this for aaaaaages.
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  10. I got bored, made art happen and decided it would look pretty chill as an avatar. It's also the realistic version of my Minecraft skin.

    I change avatars way too often to get any kind of attachments to them. If they're funny, I use them. When I get bored, I change them.
  11. [​IMG]

    It combines my favourite things in life.
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  12. Who doesn't love googly eyes?
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  13. [​IMG]
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  14. See? They make everything better.
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  15. I wish that that googly eyes were gifs. :P
  16. Well if you didn't know, I like L and cake. I found this on the Internet and thought 'why not?' xD
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  17. Fits in with the whole consulting criminal theme.

    The entire quote is "Daddy loves me the best!' Aren't ordinary people adorable?" The second part happens to be my title below my name.

    Idk, Moriarty is my favourite and he is hilarious so yeah.

    Yay for Jim!
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  18. Someone I considered a friend made mine for me about 12 years ago. He abruptly disappeared from the community we were both a part of shortly after he made it.

    Besides that, it's the best avatar ever. :D
  19. That saddens me. Did you find out why he disappeared?
  20. I love photography and pastel colours.
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