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  1. Hallo! I'm Lou/LouKat & I wish to be your friend.


    I am currently a bartender in Florida and a really big homo gay. Can't stress it enough.

    - - - - - -

    I like to roleplay, the thing is, I like to join a roleplay at the beginning so I don't run around helplessly.
    So if you have a new roleplay and need someone to join, I'd be happy to join~

    I write, I don't publish but I write. I only have two finished works |:
    I am very, abnormal when it comes to conversations. I say a lot of weird things.

    I don't have a life. (Lol, I seriously don't.) The interwebs is my friend :D
    I draw, read, dance, I used to jet ski until I smacked my face against the handle.

    I like techno, electronic, dubstep, house music, all that stuff.
    I do listen to anything actually besides rap, country, or anything religious.
    Or anything that'll make my ears bleed.

    I like watching gamers like Cryaotic, PewDiePie, bluexephos, Tobuscus, lolitsthad, and CrazyShootin.
    I'm not much of a computer gamer though. I'm into more of Zelda, Mario, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Fable III, Capcom vs. Marvle, etc etc.

    I DO play female characters, just not as often.
    I like furry characters, especially cats.

    I have 3 dogs. 2 Pitbulls both puppies, and a very old Rottweiler.
    My Rottweiler, her name is Eva, my older pitbull, her name is Tonka, and my younger, his name is Tank.

    I also have a cat named Mareece, er, kitten.

    Okay I'm done xD Sorry it's so long o_o

    Bye <3​
  2. *waves* Hi! Welcome to Iwaku!

    *waves the rainbow flag* I'm gay myself, though not at all effeminate or flamboyant. xD. I hope you enjoy your time here. I'll leave it to the others to point you in the direction of stuff to get you started because I don't know where they are myself.
  3. Why hello there, Lou...Kat..O_O

    You've given us quite a lot about you. That's awesome!
    Anywho, I hope you have fun on Iwaku..And if you need anything please ask.

    See you around.
  4. ^^' Sorry I'm a little weird.

    But thank you!
  5. o________o xD

    Thank you, Juku, I will!
  6. Hello~ Welcome! There's lots of new roleplays getting started all the time. I'm sure you'll find something that suits you!
  7. LouKat: Weird is great. I'm weird and I like being around weird people too. :3
  8. I have found another bro :D
  9. Absolutely! Weird is great~
    Though if you have normal friends, it's more of a one sided ;__;
  10. Yes you have ^^
  11. Best friends. >:[

    Welcome to Iwaku, sir. ^^
  12. Okie. c:

    Thank you. :3