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  1. Canadians prove yet again to uphold their stereotype for being the nicest country in the world ^u^ Go Canada! You guys rock!

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  2. I feel like Canada is the best friend dealing with a friend who won't leave an abusive relationship the way things are going. At this point in the game, it might be an act of self-preservation as well seeing as we're close to letting an Cheeto-Glow, narcissistic clown come within reaching distance of nuclear weapons. I don't understand how people aren't freaked the fuck out by that thought. I've been having nightmares about it. X_x
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  3. I thought this was going to be pretentious. Glad it wasn't.

    Then again, by the time we finish up elections, I'll be surprised if they still do. I say we send both of our candidates to the moon just in case.
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  4. Believe me, we are freaked the fuck out about it. :(
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  5. Awww *hugs my Canadian buddies* This made me tear up
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  6. Dang, I can't wait to go home and watch this.

    To be honest, more than freaked out about American affairs, I feel slightly guilty whenever I think of y'all and how much easier of a choice we Canadians had in electing our leader.
  7. This reminds me of this video:

    I sincerely get a bit irritated and bothered when I go to comment sections anywhere and I just find people constantly bashing on Americans. Criticize their government and its actions, or individuals or groups you disagree with their messages and methods (such as the Bundy militia that took over a wildlife sanctuary, Westburo Baptist Church, Richard Nixon's disembodied head that sprouted crab legs and is currently terrorizing rural Idaho...), but way too often I see Americans constantly painted with the same brush. Americans are always called fat, stupid, lazy, rude, ignorant, hateful, and every other negative adjective you can imagine, always by people who've never actually been there or talked to an American outside of a comment section.

    People always talk about how America is war mongering, how they want to rule the world and the oil, how they attack their own people to push their own Machiavellian schemes, how they're idiots for living in natural disaster prone places and refuse to move, and so on so forth.

    What people don't talk about is how generous Americans are, how whenever there's a disaster or people in need, donations and volunteers pour out of America. They're almost always the first to arrive on site, and they always seem to go the extra mile to help people in a crisis. They don't talk about how most Americans are genuinely warm and accepting people who love talking to strangers and meeting foreigners, and how they tend to be some of the most passionate and driven people around when it comes to causes they believe in. Sometimes it can be a bad thing, but overall, I'd say most people are pretty wonderful about their goals and ambitions.

    As for our relationship between Canada and the US, I'd say it's probably one of the greatest things in the world. We have the largest undefended border, we constantly cooperate with one another with projects that benefit both countries, our military forces have an incredible and supportive relationship built on mutual respect and cooperation, we have an incredible trade economy, and we frequently visit one another's countries for vacation knowing it's safe and enjoyable with a minimal amount of hassle. We've fought one war against each other, and even though we got off on a rocky start, we found a mutual respect and admiration with each other that lead to one of the most mutually loving and supportive relationships between nations.

    Of course, there's always things that we will criticize each other for, and we will question each other from time to time and be a bit selfish, but I cannot imagine life without America being our best friend and I am so thankful for having had the opportunity to visit the US on a whim and being shown nothing but kindness and hospitality from everyone I've met there. So many of my best friends are Americans, and despite how terrible the world gets, and how much hatred and fear is propagating, especially in recent years in Europe, it's wonderful that back on home soil, we're safe and have each other, and always will.

    From one Canadian to my American friends, I love you guys and hope you never lose sight on what makes you all some of the most interesting and incredible people around.
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  8. I haven't heard about that on NPR.

    Damn mainstream media, covering up the important issues.

    Would like to point out: The US is actually the largest giver of foreign aid. The US gives more foreign aid and more support than any other nation in the world.

    Another thing is how they call Americans uneducated.

    Well, my father is a university professor, and a lot of students at the university he teaches at come from countries like China and Japan, which are far ahead of us in Math and Science, for education in Math and Science. (My high school biology class has a kid who came from China for just this year.) A lot of international airlines want American pilots because of how well we train our pilots. People want American trained doctors among other things.

    Now, I know I'm an American and it sounds like I'm just spouting propaganda, and I know I'm young and not very worldly, but hey, I'm just saying what I've heard from other people who are more experienced, and from my own experiences with people.

    Anyway, don't want to get TOO off topic, so, thanks, Canada.
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  9. Nuh-uh. Canada, you're the best for being such pals. =3

    How do you put up with us? We're like that whiny sibling who throws big parties and never shuts up.
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  10. After c-51 and the trans law I find it difficult to see anything Canada does as nice

    ...In all seriousness, Aww, that's really sweet. Nice to focus on the positive during this election.
  11. Finally got to watch it. ^_^ Made me teary as well. D'awww. The world needs more niceness, honestly.
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  12. Yes, I agree. We need more nice people in the world. I honestly needed this niceness and positivity for the upcoming election ;___;
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