"Why Are You On My Tour?!"

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  1. "OH MY GOSH!!!" Airelyn screamed and jumped up and down after clicking the purchase button on her computer. The moment that she had been waiting months for had finally arrived. She had just purchased tickets to her favorite band Maids of Anarchy and she couldn't wait for the concert. If she could just see them in concert, her life would have been complete. She said that about pretty much every band, but it was different for MoA. She had been in loved with them from the start, and the fact that she had the chance to see them and possibly meet them made her heart want to jump out of her chest. The hard part would be getting there of course. It was almost 1000 miles away and she didn't have the money for a plane ticket; however, that wasn't going to stop her from going! Grabbing her phone, she called her best friend, who she knew would want to get out of her house and go on a road trip with her. "Echo, hey it's Airelyn. I have the most amazing news in the world! I just got tickets to the Maids of Anarchy concert in Seattle!" She screamed into the phone. "Wow that's great Aire! But how are you going to get there? It's a long way to Washington." Echo replied. She and Airelyn had been friends forever, and there was nothing she wouldn't do for Echo; she just hoped Echo felt the same way she did about their friendship. "Well I was kinda hoping you could drive me there? I would love you forever!" She giggled. Airelyn heard her friend groan on the other side of the phone. "Well I guess I could." She laughed. "Oh my gosh, thank you so much! You are the best! I gotta get packed! We can leave tonight!" She giggled and started to pack a small bag.

    ~Two Days Later~

    Airelyn was too excited to be tired from driving two states away just for a concert, especially since it was a Maids of Anarchy concert. She and Echo had both made their way to the front of the crowd of the opening act, which was Panic! At The Disco. Another one of her favorite bands. "Okay, dude screw this, seeing them in concert isn't enough. C'mon." She yelled over the music. She pulled Echo out of the arena and to the parking lot where all the tour buses were parked. "Call me crazy, but I'm going in. Keep a look out alright?" Airelyn ran off and over to the bus before Echo could protest, looking around for any guards before making her way onto the tour bus. She took a look around, admiring the fact that this was actually happening. "Oh my God--" She said picking up a beanie that was on a seat of the bus. "This is Melody's hat." She squealed.
  2. Melody stood backstage warming up her voice as she listened to Panic! At the Disco.
    Honestly, how they booked such a opening act was beyond her. Denise had to have some sort of magic on hir side, to get them to open for Maids of Anarchy.

    Melody sighed, anxious. She had never really gotten over the anxiety that came with becoming a celebrity. Notmally she had her beanie on and it helped to keep her calm, but she was trying to break the habit of wearing it onstage, so she was nervous.

    However, the show went spectacularly without much incident. Her voice was a little lower than usual, and it was usually a bit deep. This made her more anxious, so she instead strained her voice to sing a bit higher than she needed to. However, the audience didn't seem to notice or mind it.

    After the show, Arachnid snuck off with Melody away from the reporters, while Denise and Emilio signed autographs and tried to keep the reporters at bay.

    "Hurry up Melody, I'm not sure how long ze can hold them off." Arachnid warned her as they headed to the tour bus.

    "Yeah, I will, I know."

    Arachnid kissed Melody on the cheek, and then Melody ran on ahead to the bus.

    Echo could now see her approaching.
  3. Echo noticed that the band started to make their way to the bus. She thought about Airelyn and shook her head thinking: Oh damn she'll be alright. Echo ran away from the bus and went to hide while her best friend stay stuck in the tour bus of her most favorite bands of all time.

    Airelyn had looked outside and noticed Echo was gone. She also realized that the band was coming. "Oh my God, the band is coming!" She squealed a bit. "Crap! The band is coming!" Airelyn scrambled to get into one of the bunks, closing the curtain. "This is not what I had in mind when I meant I wanna see MoA, but this is pretty awesome." She whispered to herself.
  4. Melody entered the bus and sighed a sigh of relief that everything went decently well.

    She looked around for her beanie, and smiled when she saw it on the couch.

    She went to the bunk room, and knelt under her bed (Airelyn had hidden in Denise's bed which was across from Melody's). She slid out a trunk and opened it. It was where she kept her clothes. She pulled out a sports bra, a black tshirt, and pants. She was rather self conscious about her legs.

    Melody slid off her shirt, revealing a sports bra underneath.
    "Ugh, damn inserts..." She muttered in a voice much deeper than what she normally spoke in to the media.
    She pulled out breast inserts from her bra and sighed in relief. "God, those things get uncomfortable."

    Melody now slid off the bra, and was completely flat chested.
    She quickly slid on the other one, and looked in the mirror. "Bleh," she chuckled bitterly to herself. "Man, my voice is shit today. I'm surprised no one noticed, or at least didn't give a fuck."

    She slid off her pants, but quickly put the new pair on. Then she slid on the new shirt, not bothering to put the bra inserts in for now.

    Melody groaned and plopped down onto her bed. "Ah... Peace and quiet, for now." She then began working on her voice scales as she laid there, apparently feeling bad but a bit better after getting the bra inserts out.
  5. Airelyn had to keep herself from squealing. She was in the tour bus of Maids of Anarchy, but how would she get out? Where did Echo go? God I should have thought this through! Airelyn thought to herself. She was so excited to attempt to get herself a souvenir from the band that she didn't even think of the consequences that clearly occurred. She made sure that she was as quiet as a mouse, her phone... not so much. Her text tone, Keep Quiet by MoA started to play and she scrambled to turn it off. It was very ironic since she had to keep quiet and it was the thing that gave her away. She hoped that no one heard it, but considering it was so loud, her hopes her lost. Airelyn wondered what the band would think of her sneaking onto the bus. They'd probably kick her off, or worse, have her arrested. She just hoped it wouldn't come to that
  6. Melody's eyes widened upon hearing the text tone, and she shot up, bumping her head on the upper bunk. "Fuck!" She cried out, then looked around then dug in her bag a moment before pulling out pepperspray just in case.

    "I swear to god if this is another perverted motherfucking guy," she muttered to herself as she walked over to Denise's bunk where Airelyn was hiding.

    In a sudden movement, she grabbed the curtain and pulled it away.

    There was an awkward silence as she looked at Airelyn.

    Finally, she sighed as if in relief but still looked tense. She went over and sat on her own bed again, watching Airelyn.

    "Listen whoever you are, I'm having a crappy day. Just don't tell anyone about the inserts, and I'll sign some shit for you, and you can be on your way without much trouble. You're lucky I don't have the energy right now for getting the police involved."

    Melody sighed. She was relieved that as far as she could tell, she didn't think Airelyn was a guy. She didn't like assuming people's genders, but girls in today's society had to be cautious around anyone who might be men, or they could be sexually assaulted or worse. Hence the pepperspray.

    "And you're lucky I don't THINK you're a dude, unless I'm wrong. I've had it with perverted guys sneaking in here.

    "Anyway, Bleh, why did you sneak in here? Yeah, to meet the band or to sneak memorabilia, but like, still. It's not like I'm that big of a deal..."
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