Why Am I Still Here?

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  1. It's one of those damned-fool questions that rolls around my brain while I'm waiting for replies. After I check Reuters, after looking through my recommended news stories, after doing the thousand other things I Google out of curiosity. Then I start thinking about it, and I start to wonder.

    I have a few RPs I genuinely look forward to. Seeing a reply brings a smile to my face, and I'm glad to type out a reply. These replies come as fast as I can see them and type.

    Others I'm in for my partner, because I don't want to be a dick and leave. While I'm not dissatisfied with the RP, I'm not overly looking forward to it. I'll type out a reply, after I look deeper into the FSB-supported nuclear materials market in Moldovia.

    Then there's the ones I'm waiting for. Either I'm waiting for a partner to post a character or intro, or I'm waiting for people to post to move the story along. Or I'm waiting to see if the RP I would enter in an Interest Check actually happens.

    My group RPs, every one I've tried, has fizzled out right before things got serious. One is still trying to climb though, but I fear it will have the same fate. The fear doesn't stop me, but it does take a certain something from me. I plan my RPs, I have events planned, I have an entire story worked out for others to play and enjoy... And it dies before we hit the first fun part.

    Then when I feel I want more RPs, I make an intrest check. I get tons of replies, I reply to several others. Out of ten requests, I get maybe three RPs out of it. I enter an RP, and it dies. So, am I toxic to them? Am I VX for roleplays? I readily accept I don't mesh with the majority of people: I'm not into anime or high school roleplays, I can be an aggressive plotter, and maybe that intimidates people. When I see bullshit I call it. I've stalked around the general chat and roleplay help pages. I don't have the seniority or experiance to say much of anything of substance.

    Maybe I'll move on, maybe I won't. Maybe things have just gotten bland, but I'm not interested in much else besides what I've already played/am currently playing. Hell, maybe I should just give up on RPing in general and stick to writing.
  2. ^ This is probably why you're still here.

    Because despite the issues you proceed to list you still have these RP's to give you genuine joy and happiness.
    And this isn't just you, this is a common thing across all RP sites.

    It's a mish-mash of a ton of people's schedules and interest.
    The vast majority of forum RP's end up dying, people theorize a ton of different reasons and you can pick whichever you want.
    But at the end of the day it's just part of the nature of forum RP's, you shouldn't let it bring you down or punish yourself for it, it isn't your fault.
    Just speak your mind and what you think on the topic.

    Respectfully though.
    Those sort of forums usually benefit from having more brains/minds contributing to it.
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  3. Yeah, like Gwazi said, it's common for RP's to die out quickly. It's not just something that happens to you.

    And, I've never been part of a single RP that actually had an ending, even though I've run several RP's that managed to last for several years before eventually fizzling out. The fact that they did eventually die didn't mean that everything else was wasted, though -- lots of fun times were still had even if there never was a proper ending.

    If you want a group RP that lasts a long time, it needs to be managed well. Of course, you'll still need a bit of luck, too, as nothing's a guarantee. There are plenty of guides for that sort of thing elsewhere on the forum.

    Point is, though, it definitely isn't just you. So don't worry. XD
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