Why am I angry

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  1. My dad died last year. I was depressed for the last six month's, and I my therapist told me to let it all out, so here it goes. *Note: If you have a problem with religious intolerance, you should leave.

    My dad died. I went through the whole depression, I mean, shit, we were really close. He was my best friend. I got my ass bullied in school, he helped me through it. That was one of the hardest times in my life. He was a good guy. But what the fuck, why do good people die! I mean shit, God lets assholes like Bin Laden live, but my dad, a GREAT GUY dies because of a drunk bastard in a semi. I mean, if God is such a good guy, than what the fuck was he thinking. I mean, does he just sit up there all day and pull straws to see who dies. I mean, does he pull a straw and say "Well, looks like *Future Terrorist* lives today, guess I have to take out an upstanding citizen with a kid, a wife, and a life? Anyone care to compensate?
  2. Your anger definitely comes from grief and that's okay. I know everyone who has lost someone they've deeply cared about will always ask, "Why did they have to go?" My uncle died of cancer and left a wife and his new born daughter, and it absolutely tore my family apart. His daughter should have grown up with me and the rest of my cousins, but instead she lives in San Francisco.

    Life sucks like that and I doubt anyone of us has an answer to that question. I will say though that you aren't the only one questioning God. I've had friends who grew up with religious families ask the same thing. My only advice is to cherish those around you that you still care about. Let them know you care and you love them. Continue working with your therapist and don't be afraid to grieve.