Why Am I Always Needing More Partners?!

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  1. So, here I am, looking for a partner to RP with. Whoop-de-frigging-do.
    If you want to RP with any of the following fandoms, go ahead. Make my day. PM me.
    -Lock's Quest-Harvest Moon
    -Hayate no Gotoku (use only as a last resort)
    -Xenoblade Chronicles
    -Monster Hunter
    -Custom Robo
    -Lunar Knights
    -Fairy Tail
    -Sword Art Online
    OCs are compulsory.

    If you wish to play out an original idea, PM me. We'll discuss ideas, whether you want to come up with one or if you want me to. Though I'd prefer you have an equal workload. I'm sick and tired of having to do all the work.
  2. I'll do a Fairy Tail RP! Or sword art online! Any plot ideas? Genre?
  3. I tried SAO, but it turned out to be fairly limited and the lack of magicks was disappointing.
    And so, Fairy Tail it is.

    Now, I'm sick of being the person that does all the thinking in these things. Therefore, I'm going to provide a base, but we're both going to have to build it up.
    Or is that just me picking the wrong people?
    Feh, that's not important.

    So, I was thinking that we could have our characters take up regular quests, delivered to a run-of-the-mill guild. However, the quests are never always as they seem, and in true Fairy Tail fashion, there are heaps of situations of both comedic and dramatic value.
    Plus a vast amount of magical kick-arsery.
    As for the quests, I figured that we'd take it in turns to come up with something - then, we'd just make it up as we went along, with the 'questmaster' nudging it in the appropriate direction.

    It's only the barebones, and I'm still not thinking straight, so excuse me if things seem a touch off.
  4. I know we've already tried it but if you're willing to try an original again I will go for it.
  5. Aye. Just contact me through PMs - so this thread isn't cluttered.