Whose your figures?

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  1. I know everyone collects trinkets, and figures at one point in their lives. I still do and have no qualms about it, my husband is no different but our tastes vary a lot. Each their own right! So i pose this question, what figures or trinkets do you have around your computer or room? Or want to have?

    My desk is fairly simple honestly, I have few DnD figures, Super Mario bits and a water dragon sculpture. But my faves happen to me my Zap Brannigon chibi looking thing from futurama that looks entirely creepy, Renske my BJD, Dante from DMC 4 and finally Link from Zelda, are all strewn around my office.

    Elginive is a little different, he has a figure of his WoW Character that i bought him, a couple Luigi's and ninja turtles lol. He is a big fan from youth! Otherwise all his pokemon guys are strewn over his light table! But that is our office, little things here and there.

    Whats yours like? I have just recently ordered a Blaizeken figure for my desk as well, so that was on my wishlist for ages! ill have to find a new wishlist now!

    *OMG* i forgot one important actual living creature that is my buddy in my office! Requiem! My little girl beta - have three all together, the two boys are out in the living room - Fringe and Miguel :named after Road to Eldorado seeing as Miguel is my fave character-

    just noticed, Diana your avatar! its MIGUEL! im happy now!
  2. I have an Altair figure from Assassin's Creed. 8D

    I also like dragons!
  3. *is diagnosed with grammar cancer*

    Finn and Jake
    The Lament Configuration
    A beaver skull
    A winged skeleton
    The Inca Cross
    A Crucifix (with some dude on it)
  4. At my desk area, I have lots of candles. I love candles. @__@

    I also have several little panda figures, a couple of switchblades, lots of dragon figures, a ganja pipe, a Dean Koontz novel, and coupons. The rest of my 'collections' are on shelves or something.
  5. Well... I got this neat conch shell from my grandmother that sits on my desk... and one of those plush microbes that's a neuron... And if it counts, like four stacks of Magic cards because I don't have enough boxes/binders for all of them. I really need to correct that one of these days.
  6. Wow! that would be a lot of bloody cards o.O
  7. I have a Michael Jordan poster(not all of us are heathens, you know ;)) and a Cartman key-thing.
  8. I have BOOKS. So many books! And in front of the stacked books I have been collecting Pirate themed shot glasses. I am up to about 13 right now. Can't drink from them (Until later this year) so for now they just sit there looking pretty. :D
  9. A giant bottle of jack daniels.
    Chess sets from around the world, I buy one for each country I visit. (More so throughout my room when I had one.)
    Baseball signed by cal ripken jr.
    Bamboo and incense.
    Various Star trek collectables.
  10. I have lots and lots of physics toys..... I just can't remember all of their names... but i wanna buy a centrafuse !
  11. I have... lemme see. A carved elephant from Taiwan, A poster of the Gargoyles series, A piece pf amethyst, my notebook, various candles, A picture of the goddess Artemis, aaaand- A torchic plushie.
  12. Mostly my artwork and posters I made for school. I have paperwork EVERYWHERE and even more books. I like nicknacks, esp dragons :) Lots of art and swing stuff lying around too. My room is a wreak for most of the school year..............
  13. I collect Russian Things, particuarly from the Soviet Era. No, I don't condone anything they do nor do I condone Communism, I just like the style, not to mention my ushanka with a Soviet star gets me some weird looks, which I love.
  14. On my desk I've got a tiny Pinkie Pie blind bag figure, a Jurassic Park baby Triceratops, a plush white owl, and a plush Squishables Mini Griffin named Dom. Also a tooooon of books, paper stuff, and random random things. In the living room I keep my four bjd's and many many more random things. Everything from tiny handmade/sculpted TMNT head to a miniature Ducati Monster motorcycle. :D
  15. I just have a Marvel Thor on the dresser. Temporary until I can capture the real one.
  16. I haven't used a desk with my laptop in like...five years. It's ridiculously old. When I did use a desk, it had papers on it, CDs and computer games, and all these unidentifiable items.

    When I use my computer on my bed, I have books. Books everywhere. The crap I stuff into my pockets every day is on my bookshelf, and that's about it...
  17. I have little pots of plants, a cute little eight ball patterned duck, a small stone carved in the shape of a wolf, a tin from Celestial Seasonings, and something that I used to have and will put on my desk once more as soon as I find it in the boxes of things from my old room was a small figurine of a rose fairy my little sister bought for my birthday a few years ago with her pocket money.
  18. Asmo forgot the 1920s typewriter, the paper mache' skeleton with monarch wings, the iron pyrite and the geode.