Whose Post is it Anyway

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  1. Alright this is the Whose Post is it Anyway line up to show you what is in store for each week on Saturday as well as a thread for people to sign up each week. So without further delay here are a few games I'll do this weekend.


    Quotes, Party Quirks, Bachelor Game


    Infommercial, Song Hits, Three Headed Singer
  2. Tyler Haak

    Tyler lined up with the others, sidling up next to Otto. She was kind of just used to being at his side by now and still considered herself his partner even if it was clear that he was being grumpy at the moment. She had noticed before falling asleep that his reaction to her shutting him out was not the most well-received, but there was nothing she could do about that. Her body was stiff as she waited to see what they would be met with.

    Instead of being able to wait silently like she wanted, she was bumped into and someone grabbed her hand. Even without looking, she knew it was Daisuke – or rather Daisuke in Adam’s body. It made it that much weirder that Daisuke had someone else’s face. The woman turned her head to look at him, muttering passed the tiniest of smiles. “Smooth move, Ex-Lax, but that’s a no-go.” She pulled her hand from him and lifted a foot to place the sole of her boot on the man’s back, slowly pushing him a few steps away from her so she could have some space. “Plus, last time you did something, Adam thought I was raping him when he came to. So why don’t you keep your distance.” She looked him up and down, smirking. “I’m not into little boys.” Tyler turned her head to look forward again, stuffing her hands into her pockets to keep anyone from trying to do something stupid - again.
  3. Sounds good to me, just as long as it's like at night, that is usually the best time. If it is's like in the afternoon, I don't think I'll be able to make it.
  4. I'm in, will wake up early and everything. Skype and cbox. though my mic sux
  5. Alright my schedule had a slight disruption as my internet was out for the past 30 hours or so. But now I'm back up and running and hopefully I will have a good line up for tomorrow. Pretty much when we get enough people on at the same time we can start events. So let's have fun.
  6. I'd like to participate. Skype if I can find a working mic, but for sure Cbox.

    I'm usually on during the weekends and after 4 on the weekdays ((Thats 4 PST))