Who's your favorite Villain?

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We all have favorite heros throughout history, both fact and fiction, but my question is this: Who are your favorite Villains?

One of my favorite Villains of all time is Captain Hook from Peter pan. He was one of the first Villains that i actually -hated-, making Peter Pan's triumph over him all that much better.
I've always been a fanatic for villains, even if they got their asses kicked. I loved Cruella Deville, Maleficent, Venom, Scar, Viper, Super Skrull, Jafar...(lol a mix of Marvel and Disney right thur.) Also loved Baroness from G.I. Joe. >.> And many more, but I think...my ultimate favourite iiiiis..

a tie between Darth Vader and Loki. XD

Yesh yesh...tie between the badass Dark Lord in Star Wars and the step-brother of THOORRRR. I tend to go crazy for Vader though, so we can safely say I love him a little bit more. My Star Wars nerdiness is just so bad.
My first most hated villain happened to Scar.

But my favorite of all time is the queen from Snow White.
I've always been fond of Poison Ivy and Harlequin....
Dark Bogan from Piroro's ICSYL was my favorite villian. Perfectly insane. >=3
From TV, I'd have to say...Probably Harlequin. Jumping around, being cheerful and comical the whole time, while kicking your butt down? Amazing.

EDIT: And her mallet was hilarious. XD
There was this Batman Beyond movie where Harlequin and the Joker were trying to make Robin like them, and Harley played the mom, and that was just amazingly psychotic.
Shinigami, because his power levels in ICSYL were waaaay over 9000.

When it comes to TV, movies, and games, I've always kind of been a fan of the psychotic but maintains a social status. The Joker was one of them but the Final Fantasy equivelant, Kefka, has to be my ultimate favorite. Although non-clown, the Zerg make an excellent runner up.
Jafar was a BAMF...