Who's winning?

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  1. Simple...who ever is the last to post when this thread gets closed is the winner. ^,^

    So far I am winning, lolol
  2. Psshh, that's what you think!
  3. Darn right that's what I think....winning! lol
  4. Something tells me this won't be ending anytime soon.
  5. No, no it won't. But I always tend to get the last word.
  6. Hmmm... that may be changing...
  7. And now it's not. By the way, the kitty and pig are adorable.
  8. lol thank you!

  9. And now you're not. Winning.
  10. And bam! Random post attack! Looks like I'm in the lead now!
  11. HAH! I don't think soooooo...

  12. [winning intensifies]
  13. I am the champion! xD
  14. No, you're not.
  15. I am!

    Winnniiinnnnggggg ^,^
  16. Why

    Oh, yeah, because I'M WINNING.
  17. uhh huh NOT, I am the winner today!
  18. A likely story, coming from the person who's NOT WINNING.

    I'm winning.
  19. Really? I don't THINK sooo

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.