Who's Up For This?

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  1. I rarely see either character in an RP here and it's not often I see these two paired up for anything! If you're up for a Peach and Bowser story, shoot me a PM! (Credit for art goes to original creators.)

    Plot Ideas:

    1) Princess Peach gets kidnapped for the upteenth time and Bowser's true geopolitical motives are revealed. A romance develops as they work together to solve local problems.

    2) Having not laid with a man for the longest time, Peach turns to Bowser during their latest kidnapping escapade for relief. A steamy affair arises and her loyalties are called into question.

    3) A war between the Mushroom and Koopa kingdoms had been waged for several years. However, the Mario Brothers and their tenacity had been what turned the tide of battle and Bowser surrenders to Peach. As per the terms of surrender, Bowser must serve directly under Peach as a body guard and meet her every need.

    4) For those that would rather not focus on a plot, pure smut, plain and simple.

    If you have any other suggestions, feel free to let me know! I'm not closed to whatever's just on this list.

    Oh, and here's some reference images.



  2. Would you also be open to the idea of a Toad x Peach RP as opposed to a Bowser x Peach one?

    Toad would be more Humanized, I mean.
  3. I can provide an image if you're curious.
  4. @ Sora:

    I've seen Toad x Peach a fair amount including humanized stuff, but it never really appealed to me. There is an element of the Peach x Bowser pairing that makes it feel borderline taboo. Like, 'we shouldn't be doing this and the social consequences will bite harder than a chain chomp to the ass.' You know?
  5. Yeah that's cool. Just asking ^^
  6. @ Sora: Wasn't there another thread of mine you applied in? The Shylin one.
  7. Shylin one? Hmm... Can't remember.

    What was it about?
  8. Oh, Fluttershy! Shylin! I remember now.

    Sorry got confused with the name
  9. Yeah, I think we had planned it but I thought you were planning to start us off.
  10. From what I remember you were gonna make a character, but I never saw it.
  11. I thought I posted the sheet?

    Anyways, I'm not sure if I would want to do that RP right now. Any others you're really craving aside from this?
  12. Any fandoms you like?
  13. Shoot out some ones that stick in your mind.
  14. Well I've been kind of on a video game kick. I'm craving a Metroid, Zelda, Final Fantasy (6 - Celes, 7 - Tifa), Dragon Age (Princess Medea), and Tomb Raider, just to name a few.
  15. I'm down for Metroid.
  16. Really? Cool. So I had it that you would play Samus. You okay with that?
  17. Awesome. Shall we take the discussion to PMs?