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  1. Hello! The name is Yun, and I'm looking to do some fandom RPs! If you're looking to do things involving OCs, I think you should turn back-I currently only want to do canon character stuff at the moment, sorry!

    Okay, so about my RP style-I can adapt to what my partner gives. Give me one liners, you get one liners. Give me some paragraphs, you get paragraphs. Just uh...please don't be too long. I tend to get the need to match you, then I'll get overwhelmed and vanish. It's nothing against you! This is all an issue I personally have.

    I will always reply to you, please trust me. I always reply, but I do have work and school to deal with. I can usually get a few posts in a day. Some days you may not get a reply, but know that this is only because I'm super busy! Please respect that, and don't send me messages badgering me to reply. That's the stuff that WILL make me not reply on purpose.

    Okay, so, I'm just going to list some fandoms, no pairings. Why? Well, I am open to just about any, though I will list some ships I refuse to do. I can also do sex and stuff, but only for certain fandoms. Some I will note as a no for smut.

    ACE ATTORNEY (Will not RP: Wrightworth/Narumitsu, Tigre/Viola, Wocky/Alita, Trucy/Apollo)

    STREET FIGHTER (Will not RP: Cody/Poison, Yun/Yang, Yun/Hoimei, Ken/Anyone)

    DANGANRONPA (Will not RP: Komaeda/Hinata, Saionji/Anyone, Togami/Fukawa, Nidai/Gundam, Souda/Sonia, Mondo/Daiya, Komaeda/Naegi)

    POKEMON (Will not RP: anime characters. Gameverse only, please! Also, no Human/Pokemon. Human/Gijinka is fine)

    UNDERTALE (NO SMUT, will not RP: Asgore/Toriel (unless a friendship thing), Chara/Anyone)

    FIRE EMBLEM: AWAKENING (Will not RP: Chrom/F!Robin, Basilio/Flavia, Chrom/Maribelle, Henry/Ricken, Gangrel/Anyone but Aversa, Walhart/Anyone, Yen'fay/Say'ri, Owain/Lucina, Nah/Inigo, Nowi/Gregor, Cordelia/Chrom or Frederick)

    FIRE EMBLEM: FATES (Will not RP: Takumi/Anyone but Oboro, Soleil/A guy who isn't Ignis or Foleo, Charlotte/Benoit, Sakura/Anyone who isn't Tsukuyomi, Tsukuyomi/Anyone who isn't Sakura, Kids/Adults basically)​
  2. Still looking!
  3. Okay, so I'm bringing back a plot I have recycled for years, but never really got to RP. This one is a crossover AU, and remember, I DO NOT DO CANON/OC.

    Life is good for a happy little couple in a nice suburb. They live together, commute to the city for work, and have a nice home where they plan to start a family in a few years. Everything is great...until one day someone knocks on their door. One of the two recognizes said person, but not really knowing them. But they explain-the couple is from two different dimmensions, brought here for unknown reasons. In truth they are never to have met, and they need to return home immediately. Of course, the couple doesnt like this at all, and decides to get to the bottom of it all first.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.