Who's Up For It?

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  1. I have a plot concept on the brain that I think would be interesting to try out. It is a slightly different take on a familiar character who, honestly, doesn't get a lot of love here. Apologies if this doesn't interest anyone and credits to the artist Zwitterkitsune!


    After a failed invasion attempt, a large majority of the changelings have been scattered. Their reputation as emotional parasites has made them the target of hate and discrimination by many, forcing them into isolation and ultimately starvation. The former queen of the hive, Chrysalis, is one of the only changelings left and is just barely surviving. In order to keep herself going on a day by day basis, she resorted to a path she thought she would never have to travel: prostitution. Feeding on the lusts of the perverted and/or lonely citizens of Equestria is her last resort...only someone who is low enough to visit a prostitute to indulge in carnal desires and fantasies would want to be with her, right?

    Things change, however, upon meeting (your character). (Your character) sees more than the despicable parasite that the public does. Chrysalis, in his eyes, is a woman who needs a caring touch and proof that she can be loved without consequence. Will she be pulled from rock bottom and into the arms of a truly loving man? Or will she remain until she's cast aside and no longer wanted?

    Questionable - Queen Chrysalis (open)

    NSFW - Queen Chrysalis (open)
  2. Surprisingly, I'm up for it